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By: Daniel Bennett
You may have cough for different reasons like cold, allergies, viral infections, sinus infections and so on. The general remedy for a cough is a cough syrup. But people forget that most of the cough syrups have severe side effects which can harm a body several ways. Therefore, it is better to avoid cough syrup at any cost. Though one can take Zecuf syrup available in Singapore as it is known as herbal remedy syrup. It does not have any side effects. There are other home remedies which can also be pretty effective.

Salt & water gargle:

It is a very easy yet quite effective method to get rid of cough. You will need one glass warm water and half teaspoon of salt to mix in it. Then you will have to gargle. If you can do that at least twice a day you will see the result after a day or two. Though gargle is not appropriate for kids as they would not be able to do it.


Honey is a wonderful treatment for sore throat. You can add it in your herbal tea or simply have it with warm water. You can also add lemon if you want to. Even if you have a spoonful of honey directly once a day, it can be pretty beneficial for your cough. You can also have it with brad or any snack if you like.


Peppermint leaves have healing properties. You can have peppermint teal which can help you to get rid of cough. Otherwise you can take peppermint vapor which is also very much beneficial. Peppermint offers comfort to throat for its mint characteristics.


Pineapple is pretty effective for cough remedy as it has bromelain. If you eat slices of pineapple or have juice few times a day, you will see the effect in a day or two. Adults and children both can get benefitted eating pineapple on a regular basis.

There are other home remedies like having marshmallow her or probiotics. You may prefer Zecuf syrup available in Singapore as a solution. You can also take a hot shower to get relieved from stubborn cough. You have to stay hydrated all day to get the best result and cure cough.

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