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By: Scott Baylor
Having phone sex is one of the funniest ways to bring joy and salsa to your sex life. Whatever the reason for having sex over the phone, it's always a great idea if you just want to or if you want to surprise your partner.

But you must keep in mind that in order to have a good time you must know how to let yourself go, open yourself and be very predisposed to have a great time. From experts, we'll give you some tips on how to have Australian phone sex and enjoy a lot. We know that distance relationship is difficult, but if your partner has to spend much time away from home it is important not to lose intimacy. Here we leave these tips for you to keep the flame of passion.

1. Get ready to get warm: Get ready for a night of conventional sex; bathe, perfume, wear your favorite lingerie, maybe some makeup. In short, use your usual strategies to look beautiful and seduce your man.

You ask, and why so much production if you will not see me? You're right, and just as he cannot see you, you have to tell him how you look, from head to toe, so you imagine.

2. The location: An important part of distance privacy is giving your partner pictures that you can use. Men are particularly visual, so talk to them from a place that, when you describe them, reminds them of the bed they share. It is easier to get warm if you have the right mindset.

3. He lowers the voice: He considers that the telephone sex is a "prank", and lowers the voice according to the occasion. Even if you are alone at home, your sexy tone will help to excite you.

4. Sex talk: At first it can be uncomfortable, so instead of going straight to the sexy, tell him how much you miss him and why. Confess that you like to sleep with him and what you would like him to do to you if he were near.

5. Do not force it: Do not go crazy thinking about Australian phone sex things to say. For it to work well it is important that you be as natural as possible. If you feel bad, do not say it, phrases like "what do you think I'm doing now?" Combined with the sounds you normally make in bed is enough.

6. Let him take the initiative: The first few times always generate a bit of modesty, shame, it is totally logical and natural, so if you have trouble starting a hot chat with your super horny Australian phone sex babes or do not want to die trying, ask her that she takes the initiative and you follow him.

7. Video: We do not recommend that you take naked pictures or send videos to your partner, not by distrust, but because you do not know in which hands they can end.

However, if you are going to risk using Skype or Facetime to show your body to your partner we recommend doing everything possible not to leave your face in the images, just in case. Another option you can use to motivate yourself is to see pornography "together", by which we mean seeing the same video at the same time.


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