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By: Mark's Feed Store
A good food nourishes the body as well as mind and soul too. It is said that a person who eats food, becomes like a person who cooks for him. Well, it is not in our control to see who cooks our food if we eat outside food, but there are certain combinations that will help us to maintain a healthy body. While having any party or occasion, we eat meal unaware of its ingredient, quality and quantity. Well contact Mark’s Feed for any kind of events like – house party, Corporate Food Catering, kid’s part, etc and check quality, quantity and ingredients by yourself to make sure you get the best.

Below mentioned are some combinations that will do no good to you...

1) Fruits with meal: The first and foremost combination is meal and fruits. When you take meal avoid eating any kinds of fruit with it. It will restrain both of them in working their magic. Fruits contain acid and natural sugar which proves to be unhealthy if eaten with a meal. A meal will not have its effect and it will eventually lead to indigestion.
2) Alcohol and sweets: Alcohol and sweets have never been a good combination. Alcohol mixed with sugar, imbalances the sugar levels in the human body, increasing the chances of high blood sugar levels. This could also give you cardiac arrest as well as diabetes.
3) Burger and fries: Burgers and fries are the most dreadful combinations. They are full of fats and carbs which will directly target your body weight. These are overcooked food with fats and other chemicals will form a charcoal-like substance in your body resulting in early ageing and constantly increasing weight.
4) Yogurt and fruits: Yogurt and fruit are a tasty combination but equally harmful. Low-fat yogurt is for reducing body weight while fruits to keep you energetic but combined together it leads to irritation and indigestion. It could have your energy drained in the morning and irritation in the noon. As yummy as it sounds, yogurt and fruit is one hell of a combination.
5) Liquid with meals: Liquid with meals is once again a bad combination. While eating sipping water or any other drink affects indigestion. It will not let food follow the process and it leads to increased weight. Drink as much water as you wish but at least 10 minutes before you have your meal. After eating, drink liquid after an hour or longer for a more complex meal.

This initiative to spread awareness is taken by Mark’s Feed – one of the best BBQ Restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky. We have served America for 25+ years and will continue to do so.

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