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By: David John
If worried whether your ESTA application under Visa Waiver Program will be approved then shed all your worries and focus on getting a visa. Your first step is to apply for visa under VWP.

How to apply?

You’ll fill an online application for visa and you can easily find the application on website of US immigration. Also there are websites that help in getting visa under VWP. Access the application and enter every detail carefully. Also make sure that you provide correct details as the application will be scrutinized by officers of US Department of Homeland Security and they can reject your visa request, if they find any discrepancy in your application and the details accessed by the officers.

What if the visa is denied?

If your worst fear regarding your USA ESTA visa becomes true, you should prepare for applying for a normal visa. A visa application can be rejected on many grounds including security. But you can approach the US embassy for help and obtain a regular visa for your visit. But you should apply for ESTA visa in advance so that you get time to apply for normal visa, if your visa request under VWP is rejected.

ESTA is not the final permission to enter US

A mistake that most visa applicants make is that they assume the visa provided under VWP to be final approval to enter the US but little do they know that it is just an authorization and final approval is provided after security check by the officers of US Department of Homeland Security at airport.

Which visitors are entitled to get ESTA?

Travelers including vacationers and business travelers are entitled to get visa under VWP. US government has listed 50 countries for visa waiver program under which visitors coming from these countries are provided ESTA visa USA online under the VWP program. Application for the visa is sent online and it is easily available on various travel websites.

When is the right time to apply for ESTA visa?

Ideally you should apply for ESTA visa as soon as you decide to visit US. There is no point in delaying applying for visa as the delay could cost you dearly. If your application for ESTA visa online is rejected, you won’t get enough time to approach US embassy for formal visa. But you can apply for ESTA visa 72 hours before your scheduled visit.

To get more information about Official ESTA visit on

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