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By: Global Reach
The academic system of Melbourne is generally categorised into four main divisions, namely pre-school, primary education, secondary and tertiary education. Apart from the beautiful destinations, Melbourne has some of the excellent educational institutes that help students in carving out a successful career for oneself. Melbourne is proud to host a couple of successful universities namely University of Melbourne and Monash University. The good news is that Global Reach holds proud representation to University of Melbourne and helps scores of candidates in grabbing a seat in some of the greatest overseas universities.

Global Reach happens to be an independent overseas education consultant that possesses an excellent reputation and is considered to be a study abroad consultant that has a comprehensive status. Global Reach having whistled off its journey around 26 years ago comes characterised with some excellent trainers and counsellors who help out the candidates in settling for the appropriate course and university. The entire process starts off with an exhaustive career counselling process where the students are advised on the appropriate type of course and university. Not all students are provided with the same piece of information, rather each student has got a separate option depending on their individual and of course on their aptitude scores. The best part about the counsellors of Global Reach is that they are extremely knowledgeable about the available courses and options for the students.

Its not that they have mugged up pages of information about the concerned university and course of studies, or have cut down information from various online sources. They are the ones who do the extensive travelling to the universities and extract as much as first-hand information about the concerned course and the university. Study in Melbourne so as to be a part of some of the prestigious universities. Global Reach assists in materialising the long sown dream of studying abroad in overseas universities.

Since the last 25 years, this overseas consultant team has placed more than 6000 students in reputed institutes and universities and has successfully counselled I lakh students. According to the recent trends, it has come to the forefront that students counselled at Global Reach are far more successful than the students counselled at other institutes. Melbourne being one of the prime cities of Australia welcomes students to an excellent place of thumping culture and definitely some good people. They help the students in adapting comfortably to the new place and culture. In one word, Melbourne stands as one of the very few places that teach you to live, learn and grow.

In response to the Prosperity Index, Australia has been ranked as one of the happiest country in the world. On the basis of safety, no other country is as safe as Australia with little or no political or any form of disturbances.

Global Reach bestows the long sown opportunity to study in Melbourne.

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