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By: Professional Locksmith
With the technological advancements in security systems, responsible homeowners are shifting towards digital and keyless locks. The main reason for switching from traditional locks to the modern lock system is need of enhanced security and protection which is mainly achieved through keyless installations.

As the name defines, keyless locks are the categories that doesn't involve the use of key for locking or unlocking purpose. They are of various types, i.e biometric fingerprint lock, digital deadbolt lock and keyless remote lock. The only thing one needs to remember is the security code that operates the locking mechanism. Since these locks are advanced, one needs to hire a Toronto professional locksmith for proper and safe installation.

Some benefits of keyless locks are:

1. Fits any door type

Modern security systems come in variety of shapes and styles, compared to the traditional ones which were manufactured in similar shapes. Depending on the category and need, keyless locks are available in varied styles. Before purchasing, make sure the lock you selected is of appropriate size, as required. Keyless door locks are famous for both safety and style features.

2. No lost or broken keys

Since keys aren't required for the locking mechanism, one need not worry about lost or damaged keys. The need for rekeying or key duplicating is also eliminated. To access your home, just press your finger on the keypad or enter the pin code, and the door will open up. One can relax as there are no lost keys or replacement concerns.

3. Simple Installation

Traditional locks cause great trouble as their installation involves complex mechanism and damage to the door. Moreover, these locks can be easily hammered. In contrast, keyless door locks are easier to install and doesn't case any damage to property. For proper lock repairs, its advised to call a reliable residential locksmith.

4. Programmable

Keyless locks consists of a memory that stores the finger prints or security codes. Compared to traditional locks that have a permanent key, one can program the pin code for digital locks anytime, without any professional help. In case one is going out for a vacation, he can easily change the lock code to avoid unauthorized access.

These were the few common benefits offered by keyless lock installation. Professional Locksmith is a trusted locksmith company in Toronto that offers high quality security lock repair, installation, replacement and 24 hours emergency locksmith service at affordable prices.

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