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Author: John Dugan
Masturbation is a natural, healthy and fun part of being a man. Physical release can not only contribute to physical health, but can also help a man keep his emotional and mental health on an even keel. In fact, regular masturbation is an integral part of excellent penis care (

But for some men, this very natural act can lead to a desensitized penis. Why would this be? If masturbation is so good for a man, how could it possibly lead to losing the wonderful sensations he experiences in his penis during the act? The answer is usually ‘death grip’ masturbation or ‘death grip’ syndrome.

What is ‘death grip’ masturbation?

Over time, a man figures out what feels really good. For some, this means a strong grip around the penis during masturbation, as well as very firm motions and perhaps even a fast speed. The grip is tight with a lot of pressure, often using no lube, and moving quickly – at a speed that a partner simply couldn’t match.

This ‘death grip’ can lead to damage to the nerves of the penis. The result is a desensitized penis. In addition, a man might that when he does engage in sexual play with a partner, he has difficulty reaching orgasm. This might be due to the desensitized penis, or it might be because a man has become so reliant on a particular method – the ‘death grip’ – that the feel of a partner’s body doesn’t excite him as much as it should.

Keep in mind that the ‘death grip’ is not mentioned in any medical literature; the only evidence of the problem is anecdotal. However, it is such a problem for men that there are whole websites devoted to how to solve the problem.

How to stop using the ‘death grip’

For most men, the only true solution to the ‘death grip’ masturbation technique is rewiring what the body needs. It begins with ceasing all masturbatory activity for at least one week. For some men this might sound like torture, but the desensitized penis needs time to heal. In addition, a man needs an opportunity to consider other ways of masturbation that might be just as enjoyable.

After one week, a man can consider masturbating again, but only once during that second week. Again, this might seem like torture, but it really is a means to an end. After one week of no masturbation, a man might notice that he is much more sensitive than usual. During that second week, he should make sure to try different masturbation techniques – anything other than the ‘death grip.’

In addition, a man should use lube during masturbation. This can lead to a much softer grip, which will help the nerve ending rejuvenate and become as sensitive as they are supposed to be. He should also take his time. One of the issues that leads to ‘death grip’ is often lack of time – a man wants to get off, and so he does it very quickly. But by carving out time for solo play and enjoying the fun, a man might be able to back off the need for such a tight grip and fast process.

A man who simply can’t stop using such as tight grip can turn to sex toys to help. Look for a toy that mimics the feeling of sexual intercourse with a partner, and make a point of using only the toy, not the hand, during masturbation. That might help a man get off without a grip that threatens to desensitize the penis.

A desensitized penis needs special attention. One of the ways to provide this is through application of a specially formulated penis health crème ( health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that contains acetyl-L carnitine, an amino acid that does an excellent job of preventing nerve damage, as well as pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B5), which promotes healthy cellular function. Combine these ingredients with other healthy vitamins in a Shea butter or vitamin E base and that’s a winning crème that will help a man in his pursuit for a more sensitive penis.

Visit for additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy penis. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men\'s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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