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By: Larry Harvey
Businesses and event companies often need furniture in bulk volume. From chairs and tables to outdoor grills, umbrellas, and dance floors, the requirements can be quite varied. If you are looking to place a large order, you should look for specific sellers who can deal with wholesale orders. A commercial order is usually big in size and is placed by retailers, businesses and companies that need more than few pieces of chairs and tables.
Before you place any wholesale orders, here are the ten quick tips that may come handy.

1. The principal task is to look for genuine sellers. Choose a wholesaler instead of a retailer. Wholesalers always have better goods and lower prices, which are the most important aspects for commercial customers.

2. Check online. Yes, you read that right! One can place commercial orders online. There are many known sellers like 1st Stackable Chairs Larry Hoffman, who have their website and offer great discounts on the wholesale prices.

3. Don’t miss on checking for the quality of goods. For this, you can ask the seller to show a few samples, or you can even visit their warehouse. A better idea is to place a small order so that you can test the services and quality of assistance.

4. Not sure if a seller is genuine? You can check the feedback of their regular customers and clients on their website and other places on the internet. If you cannot find the right information, just ask for a few references. Known companies don’t shy away from talking about their clients.

5. Wondering how to get the best deals? Just call the customer care of the concerned seller. Many vendors, mainly wholesalers, have extra discounts over the listed price. These discounts are often decided on the size of the order.

6. Do not buy products or furniture online, unless you get a timeline for delivery. Some sellers often don’t talk about the delivery time before taking the order, and you may have to wait for weeks before getting the goods. Make sure that you have a deadline in place.

7. If possible, go for same-day delivery. There might be an extra charge for the same, but this can be quite an advantage when you want to get goods on the same day. In any case, you will have to pay an extra price for shipping of commercial orders.

8. Check the returns and exchange policy. In case you don’t like the goods or need to get them replaced, is the seller willing to take your request? How will he handle the in-transit damage to goods? How long will it take to deliver the replaced or exchanged goods?

9. How many products do they have? If you are buying chairs and tables, make sure that you have the maximum choices.

10. Finally, don’t miss on the quality of the goods. Discounts and rebates are always welcome, but make sure that you don’t forgo quality for cheaper rates.
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