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By: Alann Mikey
You could be landing in the place of Tolo with heavy desires, but what you get is a terrible experience in a hotel. Is that what you want? No, of course not. Typically, not all hotels are bad, except a few notorious ones that charge higher, but do not offer quality service. Obviously, if you’ve come on a corporate or holiday or any kind of tour, you will need a comfortable accommodation. In the following, you will get some precious tips on how to find a better hotel in Tolo.

Apparently, the internet is the most common way to find the Tolo hotels. Later, you may come across various information from acquaintances, family, relatives, friends, etc. However, stick to the first and you can do with some of the tips given below.

1. Research – As you already know, search and research are the only way to find these hotels except some other sources of information, such as advertisements, etc. The search engines will give you ample results about the hotels.

2. Websites – Visit the website link of a hotel Tolo and learn what they’ve to offer. If it meets your requirements, make a further inquiry at their reception and call for tariff rates.

3. Vicinity – If you want to stay nearer to a place where your particular business or purpose caters to, search only in those locations. However, while doing that it may take some more time.

4. Availability – Not every hotel you find on the internet will have availability. You should start looking at hotels much early so that you do not have to suffer from booking unavailability at a later point of time.

5. Accessibility – If you’re on a holiday, you would like to wander in places, visit top tourist attractions and participate in different activities. For that reason, you need to know about the accessibility via transfers from the Tolo hotels (τολο ξενοδοχεια – In Greek).

6. Options – For corporate world, business deals are quite common in hotels, so they may need conference rooms or meeting rooms for that. If you’re one of them, you could seek that. Similarly, you can find hotels with various facilities, such as games room, gazebo, etc.

7. Service – A common complaint sounded at forums and discussions is that about service quality and which is why you have to be sure. See through the review and feedback given by previous customers to these hotels.

8. Price – If you have a low budget, then also it is not a problem. You can find numerous cheaper deals for both day and night stay. It is advisable to check the tariffs and other aspects and compare them.

9. Comparison – Notably, there are comparison portals too, where you compare the Tolo hotels (ξενοδοχεια τολο – In Greek) at various levels. It helps you take a decision on booking a hotel.

10. Terms and conditions – You should check the terms and conditions page as well as booking policy. It gives you the information regarding their rules of booking and cancellation along with other relevant details.

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