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By: Kevin Gallahan
Well, E-commerce has fixed the success of digital businesses with never ending opportunities. With the widespread usage of accessing internet on smartphones and devices, large number of merchants are switching to e-commerce website design & development in order to build their substantial presence and profit though.
However, both the increased number of users and business owners has additionally inflated the competition of ecommerce. In fact, several new startup entrepreneurs in order to generate profit potential initiating online business on the e-commerce platform. To be ahead of the competitors, intensive measures needs to be taken to keep business presence balanced.
To win the customer’s heart, the look and feel of the web site is a major element that attracts the users directly. Such an aspect is totally handled by professional web design company in United States, therefore it’s advisable to consult with the professional experts to meet the right web design factors that matches your ecommerce business criteria all the way. In contrast, here are the 10 web design factors shared that will help you out to design a perfect website that will work for your business.

Avoid Placing ‘Buy Now’ CTA
Placing ‘Buy Now’ CTA button at the right place is crucial, as it enable users to take actions on your website. If CTAs are not emplaced correctly, chances are more that the users may return without making any action.
In addition, ‘buy now’ button should direct users to the right page to checking out, plus, allow them to add multiple products to the cart easily which allow them to shop flexibly. Such an easy process of purchasing can make sure about consistent product sells for long.

Avoid any long Registration Process
There mustn't be any mandatory signup or registration process because it turns off the users. In fact, the users should be allowed to make purchase without any registration form.
With that, it's good to prompt the users that they are missing the registration process but making such process as mandatory should be avoided to make them comfortable throughout shopping.

Contact information Should be Visible
Contact information form is an essential element while designing a website that turn visitors into customers. So, there needs to be taken care of proper emplacement of contact information form. Ecommerce web design plays an important role when it comes to allure the users to make them purchase from your online store.
Consulting a web design company is therefore, can be the fruitful option that will deliver you an ecommerce website that is flawless in terms of designing, functionality, user-interface, and other essential element that make website a business driven.

Easy Navigation
Navigation of the web site is literally a crucial facet that retain users on the web site for long. Navigation of an internet site includes each & every part of a website that link users to your business or service. Therefore, where a particular link directing users on your site is really very essential.
It’s worth to notice that consumer always has a multiple option to visit required site. For instance, a website with high bounce rate will lag visitor engagement, whereas, a high bounce rate helps to strengthen the visitor engagement.
As there is a high level of competition in the online marketplace, there needs to be an easy navigation website to attain maximum traffic.

Loading Time
No matter what online business you are running out there. The thing that matters most is how much time your website is taking to load. The load speed of your website will decide whether your visitors will spend time on your site or not.
Well, being an online merchant, take care that loading time of your site must not exceed 4 seconds. If taking more than 4 seconds, more of your visitors won’t access your site anymore due to site’s slow processing.

Mobile Optimized
As it’s a fact that we all are tech-savvy peoples and can’t live without present day gadgets and instruments. Building a web design that is totally compatible on all the devices is a much-required thing to drive business.
Hiring a website development company in United States that can ensure a customized, fully functional and versatile website design will let your ecommerce business to grow.
So, if seeking a fruitful outcome from your ecommerce platform, consulting with professional web design company can help you make your ecommerce business a successful one.

Social Media
There is no doubt, that the social media has a vast influence on ecommerce business and implementation of social media have helped such businesses to build powerful presence in front of users.
The thriving social platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. letting online businesses approach their objectives and allowing targeted audiences to be turned into their regular customers easily. So, building business presence with social media is another great facet.

Eliminate Dead Links
Dead or broken links literally won’t satisfy visitors visiting onto your website. Once they will face such interruption while accessing your site, the chances are less of getting your website accessed by maximum users.

Easy to follow process to Place Product order
Customer while making purchase from an ecommerce site will choose a platform where he or she can proceed to purchase with an ease, plus, shipping time and charges too is less. An ecommerce website design therefore should be in a manner that can come up to the users’ expectations from visiting a site to making an order.

Being an ecommerce merchant, generating business is the utmost essential criteria. Directing users onto your shopping platform will definitely need a strong presence. For instance, product image here is an important thing that bring users to your platform. More appealing the product images will be, more the prospects are to get traffic. Apart from, use of quality content for the product descriptions is next best thing to engage users.

In order to thrive in such fast-growing online marketplace, having a well-versed web design with such features and functionality will certainly augment your ecommerce business substantially. All in all, it’s all about how much effectively you are presenting your business on such digital platform will take the things further.

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