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By: Grace Dervishi
It is hard for you to have comprehensive view your business functions without proper financial management and accounting systems. Thankfully, now equipped with Sage Pastel Evolution software you can attain the same most effectively and scientifically. This enterprise resource planning software offers a solid foundation for all transactional and accounts processing operations for small scale and mid scale organizations while ensuring smooth day to day business activities.

Attributes of Sage evolution

Sage evolution is a well rounded solution that caters responsively to all aspects of the operating environment. It gives company management the freedom to exercise financial control as well as strengthen relationships with suppliers, customers and staff.
• Sage evolution adds functionality to your accounting system which enables a small scale business to grow and develop into a mid size business.
• Being a core engine, the sage pastel solution can be customized by adding specific ERP software modules to cater to exact business requirements. These modules offer complete integration with the company’s accounting system when developed within the Sage software.
• With the support of stellar Project Management integrated software, your traditional project management practices are enhanced with a completely new dimension.
• Sage has some added benefits such as update and upgrade options for the software whilst providing email and telephonic line support.

Advantages of using sage pastel evolution

 With the support of the latest sage pastel accounting mobile app, one can check in with the details of customers and inventory items and also trace customer’s location.
 Sage solution is pre-equipped with a number of highly functional modules that provide room for scalability of a more flexible and robust enterprise. Moreover, Sage Pastel adds functionality and useful features to business management tool.
 Another advantage of using the Sage business solution is the cost reduction upon overheads. Other vendors present extra cost on bills due to various support services and expect large teams with extensive skills sets four utilizing ERP functionality, Sage takes care of all these operations on a daily basis thus offering more effective operations while cutting down staff cost majorly. This leads to much lower total ownership cost.
 Since the business solution is very user friendly, it takes much lesser user time to conduct an operation and also requires less effort and time in training staff.
 Sage Pastel Evolution is one of the most malleable business solutions out there today and it increases productivity.. The user can set and manage tasks for employees and also change data in any way he needs to. The solutions design enables the user to create more dynamic and edgy reports that are far more comprehensible.
Lastly, an enterprise which operates on Sage should have no hard time recruiting skilled staff with the knowledge of sage since it is used widely by thousands of clients.

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