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By: Yanir Gvirtzman
Germantown, MD, November 11, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - A convoy of 20 Porsche Carrera 911 Cabriolets roared through the heart of Europe to celebrate the birth of DeNovo, a new Swiss Made watch brand. For 4 days, the DeNovo team drove through historical quaint European towns in a voyage to the origins of the brand – Italy and Switzerland.

DeNovo’s research and development took over three years, during which the design team in Italy labored on every detail of the watch case, dial and strap. The intricate design and the strict quality demands resulted in a unique high end watch with a premium “look and feel.” Today the DeNovo components are manufacturedto meet the brand’s strict quality requirements, providing the owner with unprecedented quality and value for money in its class.

Boosting a uniqueflamboyant Italian design, combined with traditional Swiss watch making heritage, DeNovo produces reliable timepieces with a modernsporty upbeatand technical look. The Swiss movement is complimented by Sapphire Crystal, 316L surgical grade stainless steel case, Italian leather, hypoallergenic Silicon, multi-layered dial, and a unique deployment buckle.

About DeNovo Swiss
DeNovo Swiss teamcomprises of watch trade professionals dedicated to the implementation of cutting edge production technologies and premium materials. The brand’s design and research department is located in Pesaro, Italy, and directed by Mr. Soriani. The assembly facility is located in Stabio, Switzerland in a state of the art facility, where all Quality Control processes are conducted. The company headquarters is located in the US which is the brand’s main market.

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Yanir Gvirtzman
DeNovo Swiss

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Press Contact:
Yanir Gvirtzman
DeNovo Swiss
Germantown, MD 20854
+1 301 251 4123

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