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By: Jose Malave
If you follow the health portals on the web, you probably know the debate around banning antibiotic-laced chicken. Chicken remains one of the primary protein sources for meat lovers, and it is also the only choice for those who don’t eat pork, beef and other kinds of red meat. In this post, we will talk of some of the crucial aspects of chicken products and why you should choose brands that don’t use antibiotics.

The basics at a glance
To maintain animal health and prevent diseases, most of the commercial chicken farms use antibiotics for raising the hens. What people don’t know is the fact that some of the animal health products are not even classified as antibiotics, but often falls into the same category. These antibiotics, like coccidiostats, can prevent a lot of diseases caused by protozoal parasites. When you hear the term ‘antibiotic-free’ chicken, it just means no residues of antibiotics are present in the meat, due to the extended withdrawal periods. For a brand to claim that they sell antibiotic-free chicken, they must follow a set of rules and regulations, which are laid by the government of that country or practised by other farms around the world.

Why antibiotic-free chicken?
1. Antibiotics are life-saving drugs, and in the toughest diseases, the need for such drugs is imperative. Commercial farms have been using many antibiotics to make the animals grow faster, and there are plenty of compromises in the rearing practices. The overuse of antibiotics can lead to ineffectiveness of standard antibiotics in the human body in illnesses, and therefore, the overall result, in the long run, can be a catastrophe.
2. Most of us do eat processed foods, and on some days of the week, there aren’t many choices. Of course, there are side effects of processed foods for sure, but with antibiotic-free chicken, you are surely making a better move. You can still enjoy your frozen chicken nuggets or even regular salamis, without being bothered by additional health concerns.
3. Now, it is important that the world knows of the benefits of antibiotic-free meat, and every step we take is a big move in many ways. If you want to get access to more antibiotic-free chicken in the supermarket, you have to start using the same, instead of preaching to others. As more and more people demand of antibiotic-free meat, the production will eventually increase.

Our diet determines our health. You can skip your workout for a week, but a wrong week of nasty eating can take a significant toll on your body. If you haven’t tried checking your local store, you should check for antibiotic-free total chicken next time you buy. The small difference in the price is surely a thing of concern for some of the buyers, but the benefits are surely a lot more essential. Start by making a difference, and you will also change the world in a better way. As a start, look for a few local brands that can be purchased and accessed for every order.

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