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By: Aimee Howard
If you are looking to start growing in May then you can go with corn, tomatoes, summer squash, or peppers. The warm temperatures will keep the soil perfect for sowing these seeds which allows for fast germination and growing. Corn is not only delicious but one of the fastest crops to grow. Begin garden care for a small plot and work your way to a larger field. You can even try the most popular garden vegetable - tomatoes. Growing tomatoes is easy, fun, and rewarding with quick gratification. Tomatoes plant best in the summer when using a transplant of roma or heirloom blend. Looking for something great to grill? Go with summer squash! If you start sowing in May then you will have fresh squash in August. It is easy and fast to produce. You could also go with fresh peppers, which is a favorite pick for the gardening community. They take up little space and can be planted close together. They are extremely appetizing while coming in so many different varieties. Start the seeds indoors and then move them outside later.
Come June you want to make sure that your tomatoes and peppers are already in the ground. This means you can start planting beans, cucumbers, carrots, and peas. Beans are ideal for planting in June since they grow extremely fast in warm soil. These normally take 35 days with certain varieties. You can also try cucumbers which are fast growing and will almost instantly reward your garden maintenance efforts. Be careful to make sure they are spaced out. Another great vegetable to produce in the summer is carrots. These need to be planted by the middle of June for them to produce successfully. Let’s not forget about green peas and sugar peas which are great to plant in July. They produce great summer crops and are perfectly crisp and fresh.
Even if you wait until July there are two more great plants you can go for. Try planting broccoli which will produce way into November. Of course, the variety depends on your location but calabrese is highly suggested by expert gardeners. This is also a great time to try kale. If you plant at the beginning of August, the kale will provide an excellent harvest in winter. These ten vegetables are all fast growing and delicious. Now is the time to start growing your summer garden today.
Aimee Howard is dedicated writer and blogger who finds inspiration in various gardening and home decorating projects. Find here some more tips and hints for effective garden care here:

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