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By: Rob Williams
In few cases, a yard may develop bare spots where grass doesn't grow despite seeding again and again. To tackle such patches, one needs to follow effective lawn care maintenance practices regularly. If a home-owner isn't have enough of time to practice these techniques, he can get the problem solved by hiring landscaping experts Calgary.

Tips to handle brown spots are:

1. Water alone won't work: Just hoping that the bare spots will fill on their own is quite impractical. Watering them daily, wishing that grass may spurt out is a foolish idea. Water is a necessary measure that tempts a lawn to grow healthier and greener, but it is not responsible for spurting. So don't water the brown patches in a yard regularly, as it will make the soil wet and greasy which effects the respiration process.

2. Repair: Major cause of bare spots is daily wearing out. This wear out is often done by kids who play in the garden or by the pets who roam freely everywhere searching for insect hunts. Apart from these agents, another factor responsible is droughts. Its crucial to aerate a lawn once in a month, so that nutrients and water effectively reaches the roots of the grass. After aerating, sprint good quality grass seeds. A combination of high quality seeds and fertilizer will prevent the grass from dying. Keep the soil loose after planting, so that water can reach its roots.

3. Soil and sod: Sometimes, soil can be blamed for uneven growth of grass. One cannot replace the whole of the soil just for few brown patches. The effective solution to this problem is, plugging sod grass. One can purchase few pieces of sod to cover the bare spots. Prepare the area by tilling it a little, then apply a layer of fertilizer to improve the moisture retention. After this, lay the sod pieces directly onto the topsoil and press down the soil with hands.

4. Water well: Water the newly seeded or sodded area regularly for a week to ensure that the grass doesn't dries up. It's best to water the whole garden deeply at least once in a week under normal weather conditions. One can even follow water sprinkling technique to ensure that water reaches the root system. This helps a strong and thick growth of lawn.

5. Follow with food: All kinds of seeds, grass, plants and trees need nutrients to grow. Tender seedlings are in more need of minerals so that they can spurt evenly. Therefore, its advised to offer high quality fertilizers for effective results.

A graceful lawn is necessary for improving the looks of a yard. Maintenance isn't a tough task, but it needs time and care. These were the few ways to remove the brown and bare spots from a yard, thereby keeping a lawn lusher and greener. The Lawn father is a reliable company that offers high quality lawn installation and maintenance solutions at affordable costs including snow removal services in Calgary.

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