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By: Alexander Pushkin
The show's theme and purpose is exposing and curbing media corruption while facilitating a restoration of the free press.

Lexington KY, USA - September 12, 2016 - Fix the Media isn't just an interview show or podcast. It's part of a larger project from indie media activist group, Independent Media Solidarity. Just now taking shape, it will eventually become a movement that will restore trust in the media by returning it to the people.

The show is hosted by Peter Klein and airs each Thursday at 10, EST. As an IT professional without any particular interest in deep history or conspiracy research, Klein began a path toward independent journalism with a simple blog. Now, he operates the not insignificant, Tyranny News Network ( on YouTube. But nothing could have prepared him for the response to IMS and the Fix the Media Project.

"When we challenged the agency's and media's official narratives, we were severely harassed," said Peter. "That proved to us we were on the right track. The main-stream media became our primary target as their fingerprints are on far too many controversial events.

You know it. We know it. The media is corrupt. And it's up to us to change that. The people who are coming together behind the Fix the Media plan are the heroes that will end the era of media corruption.”

Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) - IMS is a research and reporting collective of totally independent journalists from around the world. IMS produced the two high-mark documentaries to date on the controversial Sandy Hook shooting event. IMS continues to promote the interests of indie media producers; you're average blogger or YouTube channel owner. IMS can be found on the web by visiting

Fix the Media – Appropriately named, “Fix the Media” is a weekly program and part of a greater IMS project of the same name. The show is a careful blend of media corruption news that both corruption/conspiracy newbies and veterans of the topic will find interesting. Fix the Media can be found on the web by visiting

Peter Klein
Lexington, Kentucky USA

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