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By: Peter Dobie
Struggling from mental, physical or emotional stress? Read these shocking facts to know more about the problem of stress.

1. General reasons behind the occurrence of stress incorporate big life changes, fear, threats, and a feeling of uncertainty, excessive worrying, personal life developments, conflicting behaviour or thoughts and lack of adaptability.

2. Major signs and symptoms of stress incorporate anger, nausea, irritability, moodiness, body aches, memory issues, low temperament, lack of concentration, constipation or diarrhoea, modified consumption patterns, etc.

3. Having adverse affects on the body and the mind, stress damages the general well-being of an individual and takes a heavy toll on someone’s health. A number of the stress-related disorders incorporate depression, body pains, sleep disorders, heart diseases, digestive issues, immune system disorders, and weight issues.

4. More glucose is produced by the liver, which leads to type-2 diabetes, when cortisol and epinephrine hormones are discharged.

5. Stress results in weight gain or even obesity. Cortisol increases desire for sweet, salty and high fat foods, which ultimately results in obesity.

6. Stress may give a person stroke, particularly in older people.

7. Excessive release of hormones into the blood ends up in many physiological changes like increased blood pressure, heart beat, fast respiration, etc.

8. During stress, the muscles start becoming tensed and might start migraines, headaches, and different system issues. Premature ageing and vulnerability to depression and anxiety are some of the effects of stress.

9. Stress will have negative impacts on the system. In males, sperm count decreases and stress might even lead to impotence. In females, irregular menstrual cycles and painful periods are usually common.

10.Chronic stress could even result in Telogen effluvium, which is a scalp disorder, resulting in hair loss.

11. Healthy ways to handle stress are useful in the long run instead of opting for unhealthy ways of de-stressing such as alcohol consumption and drugs use, as it will only worsen the condition.

12. The main goal of stress management is to find the stressor. Keeping a watch on one’s behaviour, emotions, thoughts and lifestyle will assist in handling stress.

13. Setting your priorities, hanging out with people who offer emotional support, and look for assistance from a doctor will help in addressing the problem of stress.

14. Exercise done on a regular basis increases cognitive function, enhances alertness and concentration, and helps to manage stress effectively.

15. Techniques like deep breathing, laughter, meditation, and rhythmic exercise can help to fight stress. These exercises facilitate in leading the nervous system back to normal.

Final Thoughts: Stress can damage your health on a great extent. So, it becomes quite important for you to manage your stress levels. Stress is major sign and symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome. If you’re dealing with stress then there’s a high chance that you’re suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Visit an expert doctor today, if you think you have signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment should only be done by an experienced doctor who holds the knowledge to successfully diagnose the patient suffering from CFS.

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