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By: Amper Sandas
Architecture is long beloved art form and has fascinated and captivated people since the beginning of time. From massive, intricate structures to smaller, simpler ones – buildings, bridges, platforms and the many other types of architecture have inspired different forms of art throughout the centuries. Artists have been inspired by architecture in many different areas, from paintings and murals to choreographed dances and songs.

One area that has recently been heavily influenced by architecture is the fashion industry - namely, in the way of architecture inspired handbags and purses. Fashion designers have noticed how rare it is to see truly different handbag designs as the years go on, as it seems like trends are simply repeating rather than new ones being created. As a result, designers are branching out and these architecture inspired handbags are sweeping the industry with something new. These handbags combine high fashion styles with impressive architectural structures by displaying these structures on the bags in a new trend that has begun sweeping the industry.

While some of these bags and purses simply have images of architecture on them, many designers are now using the structures to inspire new types of handbags with interesting designs and shapes. Pillars and cords from bridges are being reinterpreted as straps and handles for the newly designed architecture inspired handbags. Intricate building patterns are being turned into colorful designs and emblems to decorate the bags in a unique way. Non traditional materials are also being used to fashion these bags, keeping in line with the inspiration from various types of architecture. Different types of wood and metal uncharacteristic of fashion and handbag design are being used as focal points and to add additional uniqueness to each bag.

These bags are sometimes made from recycled plastic and leather to create an even more exclusive design. Windows, doors, stairs, fountains and countless other beautiful structures now cover handbags and purses all over the world. Designers are collaborating with architects to design new forms of architecture inspired handbags that are fashionable, yet functional. New materials are being integrated into the production of these bags as the architecture inspired bags are being combined with other trends and fashion statements.

It will be interesting to see how this trend evolves over time. While this style of handbag is becoming more popular, when architecture inspired handbags appeared on the fashion scene, they were not completely well received by many other traditional designers. However, the uniqueness of this style became apparent and it became the focus of many designers' upcoming lines and fashion shows. A close monitoring of the industry will determine where this architecture inspired handbag trend goes as it moves forward and architecture continues influencing designers as they develop new styles for their handbags.

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