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By: Abigayle Mark
A pub and that too family friendly? For most people, the two don't match. A pub is where adults go and have a few drink, don't they? What are the kids going to do there? What will happen if a drunken brawl starts? Rest easy because we are not talking about the typical pubs. There is a family friendly pub Flintshire that caters to people of all ages. This place is primarily a restaurant that serves sumptuous and mouth-watering Greek cuisine. So good is this place that you will feel almost compelled to book this place when you look for a function room Flintshire.

This family friendly pub Flintshire is situated in a popular location in Flintshire and can be easily accessed. Apart from the superb Greek food that is served here, you can also take your pick from the large collection of spirits, ales, wines and international lagers. As far as getting drunk is concerned, there is not much scope for that here. When you enter this pub, you will find families and kids having fun and you will surely not want anyone to create a scene in this place. What you will rather enjoy is the entire ambience of this place – it has a comfortable Mediterranean setting where extreme care is taken to provide you with the best of food and drinks. And if you are an internet geek, then you will be delighted to know what free Wi-Fi is provided here.

This family friendly pub Flintshire also doubles up as a social venue. It has a fantastic function room Flintshire where all sorts of functions can happen – christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings and so on. The people who run this establishment take extreme care of their guests – if there is someone in your guest list with a special food requirement, these people will see to it that they are able to accommodate their demands as much as possible.

This function room Flintshire has a spacious lounge where your guests can enjoy their drinks. For food, you can have your pick from Greek and traditional British cuisine. All you need to do is tell the owners what you want and in all likelihood, they will be able to make the necessary arrangements.

One of the best elements of this family friendly pub Flintshire is that it provides you with ample parking space. You can easily drive on your own and keep your vehicle within the property and not worry about it for hours. And of course, the people who are part of this place always have smiles on their faces and they make you feel comfortable through and through.

For your next social function, you should seriously consider this family friendly pub Flintshire. Their function room Flintshire is among the best that you will come across. It is guaranteed that your guests will enjoy that different setting and ultimate hospitality. This means total success for you as the host, doesn’t it? A lot is possible here – you only need to call and find out.

There is this family friendly pub Flintshire ( that is more than a pub and a restaurant. It is one place that is even great for social occasions – their function room Flintshire ( is just magnificent.

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