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Author: Daniel Cooper
Dan Cooper is one of those versatile exhibition artists, whose paintings are in the collections of Fortune 500 Companies and private collectors in Canada and US. California landscape prints is one of the most significant creations from the amazing artist, whose works are mostly based on mathematical symmetry in both representation and abstract forms. Dan has also painted many other subjects and written a few books on Arts and Painting, which are being adopted as study materials in various art colleges across the US and Canada.

California Landscapes and specialty of Cooper:
To Dan, who lives in Northern California, California has been quite the inspiration for his works. Floating fog banks from the Pacific, drenched wet Redwood Canyons, the breezy California beaches to high-rises of metropolis, every subject has given a distinct perspective for this amazing artist to create beautiful California landscape prints. His paintings cover a wide range of subjects and many-a-times represent a spiritual contemplation with each vivid brushstroke. Apart from the stunning beaches and lush greens of California, Mount Tamalpais also offers some of the most amazing scenes that Dan has represented on the canvas through his paint and brush. Snow-covered mountains of Vermont, with its stretch of natural horizons, have offered a zen-like emptiness to Dan (as he speaks!), and had inspired him to paint those nostalgic moments on his canvas.

California landscape prints:
With the evolution of computer technology and introduction of new printing technology, Dan was among those early adopters of technology for representing his vivid artworks. Using technology to represent his works, Dan has been adopting Giclée Prints (zhee-clay), a spray printing technology. With superior imaging and use of computer aided technology, Cooper is able to re-print and offer California landscape prints in a much refined manner.
Dan has many contextual paintings which represent a superior language in terms of art, and speaks in a pictorial voice about The Supreme and the mysteries around His creations. All these paintings can be reviewed and can be presented as it is almost similar to the original ones through the latest technology of Giclée Prints.

Why California for landscapes:
It’s not only because Cooper lives in Northern California, but because California is a special place as it is a wonderful creation of The Creator. The Creator who has given a special importance to the landscapes of California. From snow-clad mountains, to the colorful tree silhouette to the glassy lakes, to the puffy beautiful clouds -- everything presents themselves in a perfect harmony in each of the California landscape print made by Dan. Cooper shows a special significance to this region, because the serene landscapes of California offers a distinct feeling to get these variations on his canvas, and with that, he gets to paint them with the aid of the whimsical mysteries of the Supreme. This is that eternal bonding with the Creator, that offers Dan a surge of motivation to represent His mystical world through colors. The California landscape prints of Dan Cooper are one of the finest collections of paintings he has ever painted. His works are available for display in various exhibitions and can also be viewed on his website. The painting of California landscapes and all other artwork is what indeed makes Dan Cooper an amazing artist.

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