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By: Fiona Z
Often leading an eco friendly life is considered a noble thing to do and everyone appreciates the fact that you are putting the society's interest first. It almost seems to imply that somehow you are putting your interest second and that in fact you may be making a small sacrifice. But though the sacrifice part may seemingly be true for some eco friendly products, it is not necessarily true every time. And this is without taking recourse to the argument that what is good for the society is ultimately good for you.

There are eco friendly products that give you clear direct benefits and it is truly a win win situation when you choose to start using these products. Take for example biodegradable disposable plates. They do not cost a lot and give you many benefits even if for the moment you leave aside the fact that they are biodegradable and do not even need a compost pit to decompose once their useful life is over. So what are these other great advantages? Well the first is their look and feel. Since they are relatively a recent product they look modern and unlike anything you have seen before. Yet at the same time being made of bamboo fiber they are natural and hygienic. Their designs are made alluring so that when you lay out a table with the disposable plates you can be sure the topic of conversation will veer round to the great looking table that has been set up for the guests.

The fact that they are use and throw means you do not have a major dish washing exercise to follow the meal which till then has been memorable for all the right reasons. Of course use and throw can mean a very consumptive life style and here you benefit from the fact that these are made a from a renewable and plentiful resource which is also biodegradable. You get great value for you money each time you choose to go in for biodegradable disposable plates. And you also get the good feeling that you are doing your bit for the society. You can see the latest ones at

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Fiona is keen on promoting a sustainable and socially responsible lifestyle. Her area of interest is in making things we use everyday eco friendly. She specializes in green disposable tableware. You can learn more about disposable plates & other products at her site

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