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By: James Nicolas
Mechanical injury to skin caused by bacterial invasion, chemicals hazards, radiations and acne can heal by itself because the skin contains certain cells in the dermia in the stratum basale which can regenerate itself. The skin suffering damage triggers wound healing response, and the process of homeostasis and production of white blood cells at the injury site helps to heal the skin. The cells collect collagens and the ground substances grow to restore circulation to help in the recovery from damage but the mechanism may not be able to restore the tissues to the original constitution. The repaired skin has high number of collagenous fibers and less of blood vessels and the new structure may be inflexible or just a set of fibrous scar tissues. Herbs can help in reviving the flexibility of the tissues and herbal face pack to rejuvenate skin helps in the growth of tissues that are completely damaged by injury.

Pigmentation, loss of firmness of skin and production of fine lines increases with age. Skin also suffers due to the increased absorptions of toxins from the environment, chemicals applied on face, dehydration (which leads to the formation of oily and dry combination skin types), scarring (caused by irritants or acids on wounds) etc. With time the flexibility and property of skin to repair slows down. The skin losses the normal power due to missing link with the nutrients (i.e. metabolism) and immune cell support which happens due to poor blood circulation with aging. The skin suffering from declined nutrients support caused by poor metabolism is slow to repair. In addition, chronic wounds and burns on skin tissues have long term effects and are difficult to repair. In such conditions exfoliation can be helpful in preventing loss of moisture and flexibility of skin. Chandra Prabha Ubtan is used as herbal face pack to rejuvenate skin as it offers gentle treatment and helps in recovery from dehydration of skin
caused by aging or exposure to harsh chemicals.

The herbal face pack to rejuvenate skin provides natural nutrients to the skin which seeps into the tissues to provide bio-chemicals to inner layers which can provide quick effects in case of dryness and pigmentation. The face pack should be regularly applied to the face and the neckline to prevent dullness of skin around these areas.

The regular use of the pack works as dermal stimulant which can promote cell growth and prevent inflammation and depletion of resources from the skin layers even in adult age. Herbal face pack offers non toxic exfoliation of skin and promotes blood circulation to the skin layers for enhancing its strength. It can be applied on skin by mixing it with curd and the use of curd works as natural bleach for the skin. The combination helps to get rid of black spots and pigmentation. It protects skin from damage by exposure to harmful UV radiations. The herbal face pack to rejuvenate skin works as cure which can revive nature glow and promote moisture retention property of the skin to help in reducing fine lines and other signs of aging.

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