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By: Olabode Thompson Fabusiwa
A wedding cake is the focus of any wedding celebration. The tradition of wedding cake has been going on for years and it is so important that people will not leave the reception till the cake has been cut. Thus, it is important to pick a spectacular cake for your wedding that not only looks good but tastes good as well. A badly chosen wedding cake can ruin the whole wedding day. Wedding cake is also the main focus of wedding photographs. Thus, it is important to make an informed choice about your wedding cake. Here are some tips to help you choose the best wedding cake –

• Couples are often fascinated by wedding cakes with luscious cakes, but you need to remember that each addition and twists and turns will add to the price of the cake. This, it is best to clear out the cost of the decoration and the added features you want to add to the cake.

• You need to make sure that the bakers know all the details about your wedding. Since icing are vulnerable to environmental hazards and the baker knows about the venue, they will be able to make arrangements so that the cake remaining fresh and safe.

• If you know the best bakery in your city, it is important to just to go to them. You can take suggestions from your friends and family members. You can drop in by the cake shop to talk about their designs, the flavours they use and the things that you would want to add to your cake. Give them ample time to design and prepare your cake. You might also be required to make a deposit to reserve your cake.

• Time is an important factor when it comes to making wedding plans. You do not want the cake to be done hurriedly. Thus, you need to ask your wedding cake makers about the time frame that they usually give with regards to wedding cake. Thus, you can decide how long before you need to order to give them ample time to create your wedding cake.

• Apart from the look of the cake, the taste of the cake is an important factor. They should taste good and for that, do not hesitate for samples of cakes so that you can select the best one among them.

Wedding cakes are an expensive affair. Thus, you need to know your budget for the cake well in advance. You need to know the number of guests who will be attending the wedding so that you know how much more money you will need to allocate to the cake budget to cover everyone who will be attending. Ordering cake should be fun and it is only the best baker who can make the journey of choosing your wedding cake worthwhile.

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