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Author: Brett Howison
Comparing freight services in Sydney is easier said than done because there are a lot of things that are simply not mentioned in the freight service provider’s website. This article provides you with vital clues on what to look for and what to ask for when you visit their website or speak with their sales rep.

Postcode variations – A postcode that falls in the ‘cheap zone’ for one freight service company may be in an expensive zone for another. These variations are typically due to freight service provider’s location in Sydney and their major customer base. So always mention, enter your pickup and destination postcode(s).

Check how rates are calculated – you might have a parcel to freight that is large but not heavy. Some may charge for space occupied while other may have a combination of space occupied and weight. Find out which works cheaper for you. Also remember that a lot of freight service providers in Sydney might also factor in all kinds of other things.

Surcharge – Road Freight Transport providers in Sydney also usually add surcharges that could be based on parcel length, home delivery requirement, type of goods and so on. So if you are freighting some delicate ceramics they are likely to add a surcharge because they might have a policy of double packing delicate items. If nothing else, there will be a surcharge due to increasing fuel prices.

Default standards – Some Freight service providers in Sydney may automatically label your freight as “priority” or “Overnight” and charge accordingly. If you are okay with such labelling find out what such label actually means – least it turns out to be just a label (and a means to charge extra) with no real standard attached to it.

Read the terms – Most of the time these terms are written by lawyers and contain a liberal dose of hard-to-understand language and legal terms. 9 out of 10 folks do not read these terms. The terms actually hold the clue as to the standards that the Freight service providers in Sydney adhere to and whether it is worth paying extra for those ‘standards’.

Future-proof your contract – Are you a business wanting to negotiate a contract with a Freight Transportation Solutions? If so, it would be a good idea to future-proof your freight contract by including clauses that take care of freight size variations. For example, as of today you might be freighting AUD 5,000 worth of goods daily. But business being dynamic, a year or years later, this figure might double or reduce to AUD 3,500 per day. You might also add products that are over-sized or smaller than those currently being freighted and so on. Let not the lack of adequate clauses in the contract throw a spanner in the costing and affect your revenue adversely.

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