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By: Lia Wright
Have you heard about the Acai berry supplement? Acai berries grow on palm trees in the rainforests of Brazil. They are about the size of grapes and very dark purple in color and extremely rich in nutrients. The Acai berry has been the best kept secret by the people in the Amazon who have been using it for years. It is only recently that the US has discovered how great this berry is thanks to media coverage like the TV shows and many news channels.

Acai Berry juice is made from Acai berries and is known to have a very rich, sweet taste. Many studies are being done to know what the benefits of this berry juice are and the verdict is still out but the belief is that there is major health benefits associated with this juice. One of the main benefits is weight loss. Especially in our obese world this berry can really help people lose the weight they need to feel great and be healthy. Acai juice is believed to be very helpful to obese people who also have diabetes because it helps regulate insulin levels.

In addition to health, Acai berry juice is also believed to be great for beauty. This berry can be an anti-aging tool. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon with shampoos and conditioners; face creams, body creams and much more. Acai berry is also believed to increase energy levels, improve sexual function, help you sleep, the benefits are endless.

Detoxifying your body is all the rage these days and we are seeing the benefits to detoxifying with the Acai grow increasingly popular. Acai berry juice is known to be highly effective in cleaning out the toxic waste in your system thus leaving you feeling fantastic. Again detoxing can also aide in weight loss, and is the best part about this detox system.

There are some warnings with Acai berry juice that people need to be aware of. People with pollen allergies should definitely stay away from using these Acai products. If you are pregnant or breast feeding it is best that you stay away from these products also, mainly because not enough studies have been done to see if there are any harmful side effects.

Well we are not sure about whether there are harmful side effects to drinking Acai berry juice but we know there are endless benefits! So go ahead and poor you a glass and cheers to a healthier you!

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