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By: Nekraj Bhartiya
Top 10 Tips to always win in cricket betting.
Well, here I am sharing my betting secret and I am sure If you follow them you will never get loss in your life. So lets start journey and before further reading please take a cup of coffee in your hands (^_-)—

Tips No. 10 Avoid betting on draws in test matches- I have made a calculation which tells that only 20% test match result in draw in 2015. This marks grows in Bangladesh only where 90% matches ends in draw.

9..Laid Runs If partnership hit milestone. Suppose there is 20 over match and score is 90/0 at first 10 overs then in such a scenario 80% lambi will not. So always do Lambi not if there was no wicket at half of innings.

8. Match Report, Match Scripts and 100% Guarantee Predictions? – MY FOOT Punter who believe in all these shit, never ever can win in cricket betting. All these Match report, scripts and 100% Guarantee Predictions are tools for punters who themselves have lost money in cricket betting.

7. Always be Liquid not solid in betting. If you cant follow this rule You can never win in betting. This rules means always make cover your loss If you are getting 70% profit of your stake. Remember nothing is 100% in betting.

6. Avoid always betting on favorite- Never back team of 1.40 odds or under in any match and in any situation. We can not be rich by betting on such a low odds.

5.Dont afraid to take a risk- Suppose your book is set and rate is under 20 p of anyteam and more than 10 overs to play remain. In such a scene never fear to lay favorite.(means hamesha ek small amount se Khao).

4.Dont believe these two teams- Pakistan and South Africa is the team which can lose match from winning situation and can win match from any worse situation. Never bet on this team at low odds and always laid such a team under 30 P.

3.Whether You respect any particular team or not but always respect the odds. Sometimes odds tells us a lot of about winner so always check odds before bet that Is this a suitable odds according to situation or not?

2.How to recognize Jackpot [Ghoda Pahchano] - This is the best and secret way to recognize any ghoda/jackpot match. If any teams comes under 40 P in first inning or second innings always lay that team. 70% of such matches always ghoda.

1.Last but not least Always Play in Same Limit. No rule can make you win If you cant follow this rule. This is the king of all rules. So never cross your limit in any situation or in any condition. -
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