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By: Cassandra Skevis
FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, February 22, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ — Llumina Press, a premier self-publishing company, announced that it is rebranding. The rebrand is the positive outcome of the company's increasing recognition in the USA and around the world as they continue to build on Llumina's unparalleled dedication to providing authors with the highest quality in publishing services.​

Llumina Press provides publishing services that range from Critiques, Editing, Book Development, and Rewriting, to Formatting and Cover Design for paperback, ebook, and hardcover books, to Worldwide Distribution across a variety of platforms, to Marketing and Publicity through Social Media, Book Videos, Worldwide Publicity, and much more. With a growing number of authors, employees, and partnerships, Llumina Press will expand its leadership in self-publishing in the coming year.

"Llumina's corporate rebranding at this time represents our positive expectations," said President, Deborah Greenspan. "Authors come to us because of our global presence, and our ability to work with them to provide personal service and create the book they desire. This corporate rebranding is a logical step in our growth, giving us a new, more appropriate image under which we can continue to develop our products and services. We are so much more than a self-publishing firm, and this rebranding represents an important step in our evolution."

The company's enduring tagline "Your Book, Your Way" expresses Llumina's vision to provide authors with the highest standards of publishing while producing the book they dreamed of when they decided to publish. Llumina's new logo replaces the original scrawly spiral with a stylized spiral that is more in keeping with current trends in graphic design. Cassandra Skevis, the company's Vice President of Marketing and Creative Development explains, "The stylized spiral expresses Llumina's philosophy, which understands that all parts of the whole depend on each other, just as Author, Publisher, Distributor, and Reader depend on each other. Llumina's new stylized fourfold spiral represents these relationships as well as the four basic publishing services offered by our company: Editing, Publishing, Distribution, and Marketing, and the four attributes that are at the foundation of everything we do: Personal Service, Business Integrity, Editorial Excellence, and Innovative Creative Strategies …. Our new logo describes how we do business."

"The idea for this corporate rebranding of Llumina Press was raised in the summer of 2015, when it became clear that we were going to expand our services and offerings," said Ms. Greenspan. "Our new brand lets both existing authors and potential authors know that we are continuing to provide the products and services that outdistance our competitors, showing us as a company committed to ensuring the success of every author we work with."

About Llumina Press, a tradename of Aeon Publishing, Inc.
Llumina Press helps authors edit, publish, distribute, and market the books they've written, providing personal service and creative excellence on every project.

Press Contact:
Cassandra Skevis
Llumina Press
7580 NW 5th St. #16535

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