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By: Akansh Malik
The employers of any business must always aim at hiring the best individuals for the company. It is only by hiring the best employees can a business grow and achieve new heights. Not only must the business look at employing highly qualified and talented individuals but they must also make the effort to retain them within the company. Three fool proof ways that can be followed to both attract and retain top notch talent are:

Operational Recruitment Plan

Talented employees are in short supply in a market where there are a number of brands and businesses. Recruitment is no longer an activity that should be simply performed by the HR department of a company. Every talented employee is aware of his or her demand and hence a company has to put in more effort to attract them. The involvement of the owner, CEO or president helps better convince the individual about joining the company. It shows that the company is not focused only of profits but also cares about the growth and welfare of its employees. Unlike a recruitment manager, the president of the company can give the individual a better understanding of the company and what it stands for. A business should always design a recruitment strategy that allows the individual joining to get a completely clear picture of what the company stands for and how beneficial it would be to join them along with training them on the company’s crisis communication plan. This helps the individual truly feel like a part of the company.

Consistent Tactical Process For Onsite Visits

It is important to have a well-defined recruitment plan which ensures that no sort of favoritism is show to any of the new and old employees. A consistent approach helps the business communicate to the applicant that their experience and talents are valued. This will ensure that the new employee gets equal footing with the other employees of the company on the same level. The business can also opt for outside help and use other recruiting resources to gain top notch employees. Established recruiting companies with their extensive resources will be able to find experienced and talented employees to help the business grow. Happy employees are crucial for any company. When a company is in crisis happy employees will play a major role in protecting the company against negative reviews. Hence they should always be added in the crisis communication planning process.

Retention Strategies

Every business must look at retention strategies to ensure that once the employee joins, they do not consider switching to another. The business should understand the newly employed individual’s own aspirations, dreams and goals. This must be kept in mind to help the employee grow along with the business. A business must always strive to create a positive culture and atmosphere to strengthen the retention of their employees.

It is crucial for all enterprises to take steps to ensure that their employees remain happy and not quit. It is only by maintaining an employee friendly environment and allowing one’s employees to grow that one can retain top notch talent. Top notch talent in turn will improve profits and be a great help when crisis communication is required.

About the Author
Akansh Malik writes this article to explain how a company can attract and retain top notch talent. He believes particularly when it comes to crisis planning, the company needs to have talented employees. It is crucial for the company to keep its employees happy to ensure that the company continues to earn profits and be successful.

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