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By: Laura Keel
August 10, 2004 - Model RF29M-SR1 consists of 50 ohm, 2.92 mm precision connector that can be employed up to 46 GHz. It conforms to IEEE 287 standard, is mechanically compatible with SMA and 3.five mm connectors, and attributes shortened male pin that guarantees non-destructive mating approach. For further information contact 800-233-1728 or 858-549-6340. You cane-mail:

Created for durability, the new 2M Series makes use of advanced bonding methods to increase adhesion properties and lessen the threat of fod (foreign object debris). The enhanced method makes the new connectors even far more reliable in the harsh situations located throughout soldier-wearable, missile and ordnance, communication systems and avionics applications. Each and every of the 4 coupling types currently accessible combine much more than 40 years of Amphenol design knowledge to offer you constant coupling torque on every single connector as properly as withstand up to 37 g's of random vibration and 300 g's of shock. Pricing for the 2M Micro-miniature connectors is dependent upon insert and contact arrangement. rf connector high frequency Delivery is eight to ten weeks ARO. Design and style

High Speed Interconnects, a custom, high-efficiency, coaxial cable extruder and manufacturer, has released a new video that demonstrates their achievement of capacitance as low as eight picofarads (pF) per foot. When compared to other competitor coaxial cables constructed with a variety of dielectrics generally attaining not significantly less than 16 pF per foot, HSI’s cable utilizes a proprietary ePTFE dielectric known as VP90. rf connector manufacturing process The enhanced dielectric achieves close to air dielectric overall performance, eliciting an very low dielectric continual and therefore, low capacitance and low loss.

Over the previous several years, several firms have faced enhanced financial constraints due to the stagnant international economy. As American companies tightened their belts, operational price range reductions became typical spot across a lot of industries. Although project specifications remained intact, tighter budgets usually became a determining factor in acquiring essential RF elements. All also frequently, the stringent quality standards and skilled labor of US manufacturing resulted in larger costs, requiring a compromising decision among good quality and price tag.

"We have received superb feedback from our consumers who use the on-line resource on a weekly basis," says Julian Andrews, Operations Manager for Coaxial Components Corp. "Whether they are getting by means of our company or functioning with our distributors, the on the web tool gives useful information that was previously unavailable." • TNC jack to SMA jack Bulkhead 41-921-2300-00 with functionality up to 18GHz and a VSWR 1.2 to 18 GHz. Produced from SST, corrosion resistant, non magnetic 303, per ASTM A484 and A582. For a lot more data on TE's Multiposition RF Modules, check out,26435 or make contact with the Solution Information Center at (800) 522-6752.

If you have any questions with regards to in which and how to use connectors space engineers, you can get hold of us at the webpage.

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