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Author: Dorthea Mosers
That is the most awaited event from the school year? Most girls will say prom night. Yes, it is truly exciting particularly when your guy ask you to be his date. Before that, you'll need a perfect prom dress to put on this 2011! You start thinking about the following questions: What's your favorite color? Which style suits you best? What kind of shoes go well with your dress? How to better your makeup in the prom night?

Have a cup of coffee and relax. Deciding on the best prom dresses 2011 can make the night uniquely yours. You might feel like a princess in the hall. It's certain to be one of the most unforgettable nights inside your junior or senior year. Remember the next tips while choosing your Prom Dresses 2011 .

* Colorful

Dress color is essential to you. The right color brings your natural beauty and complement your complexion. Pastel color such as pink, yellow and orange are the colors for a fashion look in 2011. Bold florals and prints are certain to turn heads, while black outfits and little white dress never walk out fashion.

* Stylish

2011 prom dresses aren't limited to traditional styles anymore. It emphasizes girls' curves. Choose a sexy body-hugging dress and you will be the focus in the prom night. Satin flatters the body figure perfectly while chiffon brings about breezy and boho flair. Besides, belts and sashes can pair it subtly.

* Highlight

Your prom dress needs to accentuate your body part such as your swan neck, slim arms, smooth back, beautiful shoulders or long legs. Short cheap dresses are most-welcomed by those tall and slim girls which boast a pair of flawless legs. With stilettos of the identical color, you may also walk the runway.

* Comfortable

As you are attending a dance party, guarantee the dress you wear feels safe enough to allow all of your moves the whole night. Since floral is very popular this season, you can decorate you date with exaggerated flowers and petals.

* Affordable

Short Prom Dresses should not cost an arm along with a leg. Remember that you simply wear clothes for one night. There are many affordable prom dresses rich in quality and fashion design available in various shops an internet-based auction sites. Save the money and buy more accessories to highlight your date.

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