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By: Amanda Tom
After a full year of consistent hassle and stress you need to take a trip to a nice place like the Lake District of England. Lake District Walking Tours come in handy when you are new in this area and most of them are extremely affordable and easy to book online. Not only will your tour guide take you to the mountains of the Lake District but also to Pennines and Yorkshire.
The amazing thing about using a tour guide is that you can stay safe and walk at your own pace while taking photographs of the beautiful scenery. It is possible to pay a single fee that will include your accommodation, catering and daily excursions among other things. Alternatively, you could find your own accommodation and pay for your Lake District guided walks separately. It is upon you to decide how to do this.
A typical guided walks program will demonstrate pre-planned walk dates so that you can choose the day you want to go for a walk. During the walks you will visit the High Mountain, which has a rocky topography and the climb up to 750meters via easy routes. There will also be multiple long walks over the lower summits and these are estimated to cover five to fourteen miles. This is a journey that could roughly take three to eight hours of serious walking. Lake District Walking Tours thus require that you have a good level of fitness so as to keep walking all through the day.
The area is also steep and hilly and so being fit helps a lot. It does not mean that you will be walking without stopping, however. Most great guides will allocate time for resting and use a pace that every participant will be comfortable with. The guided walking will also lead to the fells that are rocky even though they summit below 750meters. You will only walk lengths of five to ten miles in three to six hours, meaning that you will walk two hours less than you will do during high hills walks.
A relatively lower level of fitness will be required for fells exploration as the paths that are usually followed are less steep and rocky than those encountered in high hills adventures. The next exciting Lake District guided walks will be to the lakes and valleys. These are probably the easiest walks you will do in the area, covering summits that are below 400 meters. Paths will basically be easy and smooth and you will cover only four to ten miles in just three to six hours.
The weather conditions might be wet or dry and the walks will still be easy. Just moderate level of walking fitness will be necessary to be able to visit the lakes and valleys of this region. While you will come across short steeper areas and a few longer walks over the easy topography, fun is guaranteed even if you will come alone. There will obviously be other visitors that will keep your guide and you company, making the entire tour so exciting.

If you are looking for a trip that will give you real physical exercise and endless fun, try our Lake District guided walks ( ) . These are extremely easy daily excursions although you will need to visit our Lake District Walking Tours ( ) web page to learn about them.

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