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By: Amanda Tom
Cambridgeshire is a delight for tourists and travellers who want to break away from their regular grind and spend time in a picturesque countryside. You can soak in the greenery around you, spend a day fishing or boating down the river or amble around village paths enjoying the serene and calm ambience. You will return rejuvenated and all ready to get back to routine. The first thing you need to consider while planning a holiday to Cambridge is accommodation. You can book one of the many inns or hotels in Cambridgeshire but if you are in a mood for some adventure, you can book campsites Cambridge. Also, if you are travelling in a group, booking campsites Cambridgeshire can be more economical and enjoyable. Get your backpacks ready for camping in beautiful Cambridge.

There are a number of campsites Cambridge near the River Ouse giving you ample opportunities to enjoy water activities. This is an additional perk for people who love angling or boating. There are other activities too that are a highlight of any village stay including country walk and biking. Most campsites Cambridgeshire have luxury caravans and tents and also the facility to bring in your own caravan or motor home. If you are planning to visit in the peak season book ahead because camping is very popular with travellers. The campsites also have clean shower facilities and the provision for laundry. You can check the website for their services and amenities and also see details such as availability of tents or caravans.

Camping is also easy on the pocket. You can make it special by booking luxury caravans, However, if you are on a tight budget you can bring in your camping gear without cutting down on the fun factor. Before booking campsites Cambridge find out about the nearest town so that if you require supplies or there is any medical emergency you know where to get help from. You can also visit Cambridgeshire during special events and festivals such as the charming Flower Festival. This will give you an opportunity to camp in a natural setting as well as enjoy the carefree village life. Breathing unadulterated fresh air is a luxury these days and now that you have the chance, grab it by booking campsites Cambridgeshire.

You can avail discounts and offers if you book a holiday package at campsites Cambridgeshire for at least 2 days. You should also find out about local transportation and its availability from the site. If holiday spells relaxation to some, it may also mean adrenaline-pumping activities for others. Campsites Cambridge have sport facilities and trainers who can get you engaged in sports such as football or give you fitness training. Outdoors amidst greenery and clear blue water will make you want to use your energy well and catch up on fitness that you normally ignore due to lack of time. You can also make a list of restaurants nearby for fresh rustic village food, if you are not in a mood to whip up a meal.
Book a luxury caravan or a tent for a couple of days in campsites Cambridge ( ) . See the facilities provided by the campsites Cambridgeshire ( ) for a comfortable and affordable stay and then book online.

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