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By: Tony
If you ever need to get a boost of energy after a sudden change of plan following a day of tedious work or heavy workout because all you need to do is to grab a 5 hour ENERGY Canada pack. This supplement is packed with numerous energy busting natural ingredients that are much better than a sugary cup of coffee.

5 hour energy Canada is a flavored energy drink made from Everyday foods like fortified cereals, meat, fish and veggies. This zero sugar drink contains important key elements found in broccoli, bananas and apples, boosting the body with vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. It beastly rules out the myth of having too much caffeine (like in most other energy drinks)—only the same amount as a cup of coffee(of a leading brand). The 2-ounce regular ones contains only 4 calories! It has categories like decaf, extra strong and regular; flavors include Berry and grapes.

A recent study shows that 5 hour ENERGY indeed increases the physical and mental alertness, energy and enthusiasm while cutting down fatigue.


- O (Zero) sugar

- 4 Calories

- O (Zero) net carbohydrates

- Contains important elements like Vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and many more

- No overloaded caffeine

- No herbal stimulants

- FDA approved

- Energy blend of many elements including Taurine(found in meat), Malic Acid(fruits), phenylalanine (essential amino acid improving alertness ), etc.

Interesting data:

Forbes conducted a caffeine test in 2012 and their results were consistent with the labels of 5 hour ENERGY.

Fatigue facts:

Fatigue is the lack of physical alertness after a hectic day. The body’s metabolic factors slow down due to exhaustion. To fight this fatigue, most people would rely on a cup of coffee or a drink. This is largely because caffeine blocks neurotransmitters (that stimulates fatigue) and aids faster metabolism.

An energy drink, nevertheless, saves a lot of time when on the go. But choices should be made carefully. Many synthetic drinks contain excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 5 hour ENERGY, on the other hand is a natural energy booster—packed with vitamins, folic acid and elements from poultry, fish and veggies. From being an excellent energy booster, it stretches as a recovery plan for a post workout/ busy office hours.

5 hour ENERGY is undoubtedly the best natural solution to faster brain and energy retrieval when on the go!

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