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By: citytattooremovals
Summary : The advanced Laser Tattoo Removal London makes use of the Pico Laser that has a higher a speed and thus more effective in removing the permanent tattoo of all colors.

There is always a first time for everything and most of the times there is a regret that accompanies the first time incident. Studies reveal that a large percentage of people who have tattoos drawn on their body parts with a lot of gusto at a young age often suffer from regret syndromes later in life. Also, altered life situations lead people to decide to go in for tattoo removal. In most cases, people understand that it is almost impossible to have the permanent tattoo to be removed completely and effectively. Even the failed attempts are costly, and they deter people.

The redyced costs

But things have changed with the coming of the new age Pico Laser treatment that is the latest method of Laser Tattoo Removal London and that too permanently at low costs. While the erstwhile laser treatments for tattoo removal took more number of session treatments that naturally escalated costs, the new Pico laser takes up to 60% less session to remove the permanent tattoos effectively. Naturally, the costs involved too are lessened. This new treatment works on all skin types and takes about 3-6 treatments depending on the colors used in the tattoo as compared to the 10-15 treatments for the conventional laser.

Effective on all colors

The all new Pico Laser Tattoo Removal is super-effective on the stubborn blues and greens that could not be removed well earlier. During the laser treatment, the high-speed beams break down the ink particles on the skin and dissolve them into the surrounding tissue cells to be expelled from the body. The higher the speed of the beam the better the ink breaks down. While the earlier laser beams worked at a speed of a thousandth of a second or a nanosecond, the Pico laser speed is one trillionth of a second. The treatment sessions are conducted by trained personnel so that you are in safe hands too.

With aftercare too

This new Tattoo Removal technique does not hurt while working effectively on the colors. If you have a sensitive skin, at the most you may feel a tingling sensation. The professionals will ensure to take patch tests and apply proper medications before embarking on the treatment. The centers that conduct this treatment are also careful about the aftercare instructions to their clients. The biggest caution is not being able to go out in the sun after the treatment and also to avoid it for a few days after completion of the treatment. In case you are sporting a tan on your skin, you will have to wait until the tan is gone before you begin the treatment. - Laser Tattoo Removal London specialists will remove your unwanted tattoo, breaking up the ink with laser light so that the tattoo is re-absorbed by the bodies own waste system.

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