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By: Amanda Tom
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa and operating across African, Asian and European markets MTN is one of the largest telecommunications service providers. MTN data bundles for Nigerian users have a complete package for all kinds of mobile owners, both domestic and corporate. MTN data plan is very popular among those seeking a cost effective GSM connection with other benefits. MTN has left no stones unturned for attracting more numbers of users, which is clearly reflected in the recent figures released – 233 million subscribers across all nations. There are plans suitable for occasional and heavy data users. In addition to their official website, the Nigerian users can now get details of data bundles in websites that have complete information about all kinds of GSM network providers in Africa.

Why MTN data plan?

MTN became the first GSM service providers in the country after the deregulation. Also, they are the leading brand in this sector and have proven their expertise – the numbers speak for them. They aim at offering high speed data bundles to GSM mobile network users and making the entire process easier for them by introducing a toll free number. It’s basically a self-help platform where as a user you can call and get solutions to your problems. MTN data bundles include several varieties in their price, data volume and validity periods. You can get data packs starting from a day to thirty days of validity. 10MB to 7.5GB of data volume can be accessed with a suitable MTN data plan. There is also a night plan and a night and day plan with special offers.

What’s special?
With MTN data plan you can also avail their dedicated internet services such as Fastlink Modem and Mobile WiFi packages that can be used with a USB stick and a WiFi modem, respectively. If you are a heavy internet user or you have a corporate connection then the first option will be better for you. For others, a mobile wi-fi can work just fine and it costs less as well.

Value-added services
With MTN data bundles you can have auto renewal if you have enough airtime credit left. This can also be turned off, if required. Data roll-over to the next validity period can be possible if you renew your plan within the required period of time. You can also share your data with up to five beneficiaries under the data sharing plan. You can gift data volume to a friend as well.

What makes MTN a popular choice is the availability of dedicated internet services in addition to the usual MTN data bundles. There are so many variations in data plans that it becomes easier for the customers to pick an MTN data plan after considering their usage requirements. As discussed above, apart from the regular plans there are night and day special packs available if you are looking to access high speed data connectivity during the wee hours apart from saving quite a good amount of Naira in the process. You will find useful information about the options available if you can browse through a website that offers the specifics and makes it easy to understand the figures as well.
Pick a suitable MTN data plan ( ) from the list of MTN data bundles ( ) to enjoy the benefits of subscribing to MTN.

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