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By: AnthonyMaxwellpapp
Do you know that your life span is closely related to the relationship between sleep apnea and your heart? This relationship is so delicate that some scientists dubbed it the biological dance of death. How long you live is greatly dependent on your ability to carefully watch your heart in relation to how it works while you sleep. Some experts call this relationship a biological dance, which you should watch carefully so as to detect quickly any symptoms of sleep apnea. If you have a sleeping partner have them watch you sleep from time to time to see how well you sleep in relation to both your heart beat and breathing

Of all the cells in your body, the blood is the most important because all the rest cells depend on it to survive. Of course it is elementary to tell you that your life depends of on your blood carrying living giving nutrients to the different cells that help your bodies function properly. It is also your blood that helps your body fight infection. The transporter blood is called the red blood cells while the soldier blood cells are called the white blood cells. If you do not have enough blood in your body, your chances of living long is limited, so also when you blood does not get enough oxygen

Sleep apnea occurs to disrupt the delicate balance between your hearth and oxygen as breathing is interrupted repeatedly. When that happens oxygen is deprived your body's cells over and over again, from 30-40 or for, some people, a minute or all through the night. But since sleep apnea tales place during sleep, how can you know about it? When one way to suspect that you might have sleep apnea is if you find that you wake up abruptly panting from lack of air. If this happens, get someone to watch you sleep for a couple of nights so as to get for you a proper preliminary sleep report. This health problem can be very dangerous; it kills silently.

Extreme sleepiness, headaches, and memory problems can be benign factors that cause sleep apnea. When oxygen delivery is regularly disrupted it could cause you to begin to gain weight which can lead to diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. It can also affect your job adversely and cause work-related accidents or even motor vehicle accidents.

Benign factors include hypersomnolence which is extreme sleepiness, headaches, and memory problems. The more serious consequences of interrupted oxygen delivery caused by sleep apnea include weight gain which can lead to health issues of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease; job impairment which can cause work-related accidents; and motor vehicle accidents.

For your life to be all right, your blood has to be able to carry adequate oxygen of a high level saturation to all parts of your body in order l to keep you alive and healthy. Sleep apnea robs lots of people all of that. Like a thief in the night, it steals quality out of your life and silently shortens your life span, bit by bit, in such a pernicious manner you most likely will not be aware of.

In bring this article to an end let me say that now that you have informed of the link between sleep apnea and your heart if you find that your are have sleep apnea symptoms, the best thing to do for your health is immediately go to your doctor and ask for a recommendation to a polysomnography test at a sleep clinic where doctors should respect their Hippocratic oat and without any delay take on that course to save your life. Consequently, doctors and patients increasingly need to work together to rid over 20 million people all over the world who are afflicted by this terrible sleep disorder that also predisposes sufferers to several other health conditions that are life threatening.

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