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By: Justin P
Most people have heard the term “shabby chic.” As it relates to linen, shabby chic bedding is the phrase used to describe any comforters, pillow cases and other bedding that has an antique, distressed look. This kind of conditioning is thought to give the shabby chic bedding an elegant, aged look. That’s not to say it looks old. It looks like an antique. The term “shabby chic” became popular thanks to an interior decorators’ magazine in the 1980s, and it’s been used ever since to describe a kind of art where older things are recycled without being completely used, or where new things are distressed intentionally in order to give them the look of being aged. It’s a movement that started with dining and living room furniture and has gone into the bedroom. Shabby chic bedding is still a very popular decorating style.

Not only is this a great look for any home, but it’s also a fun way to decorate because it allows you to recreate the elegance that was seen in the chateaus in France during the turn of the century. Shabby chic bedding, or any kind of decorating pieces for that matter, is about mixing the style of these chateaus with elements of the bohemian and shaker movements.

Shabby chic bedding is a ton of fun because it gives a unique approach to decorating any room, especially if you’re decorating an older home or the furniture in the home tends to be a bit older. Giving the furniture a distressed look keeps the headboard of the bed from standing out as a dated piece. When it’s distressed, the furniture looks like you bought the piece at a very expensive antique shop.

Furniture that is original may have to be given an aged look to fit into the shabby chic style. This process has been named distressing. There’s some sanding and a lot of painting involved to give furniture an older, cracked, or otherwise worn look. Knobs are replaced with stylish older ones too.

With this gorgeous furniture, it can be difficult to find linen, comforters and other accessories for your new room. Some stores don’t even carry shabby chic bedding. You’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for at The online company has the largest variety of shabby chic bedding of any of the stores, and the linens can be personalized. There is something in the shabby chic style that can fit any style.

Besides being a stylish decorating option, shabby chic bedding is also extremely comfortable. This kind of bedding tends to be very soft besides being extraordinarily attractive. Shabby chic is a wonderful decorating option if you have an older home, although it can fit well in a new home as well. It’s fun and easy to incorporate it into any home.

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