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By: Aaron Jones
The cricket bat can make or break your game. It is one of the most essential cricket equipment that can help you improve your batting. While practice and technique are critical, the weight and size of the bat, the way it is gripped can greatly affect your batting. No wonder then that despite several people advising Sachin Tendulkar to use a lighter bat, he stuck to his guns and his heavy bat.

The weight of the bat can help you play certain types of shots like in Sachin’s case; the heavy bat helped him hit a drive. According to the legendary batsman, the bat is supposed to be an extension of your arm and that’s the only way to ensure that you are comfortable to take any shot.

So when it comes to choosing from the cricket bats online or from the store, select your preference based on your playing style and your body type. Additionally, you can also research about the different bats available in the market, when you look at the cricket bats online. Here are a few things that you should consider while choosing your bat:

1. Size: A cricket bat is categorized as Full size and Youth size, the former is for taller players and its height and width is made as per ICC’s guidelines. Youth size is for younger or shorter players and is available in size 5 or 4.

2. Weight: A heavy cricket bat allows powerful strokes and more bat swing while they do to a great extent constrict batsmen from hitting sharper cuts. Lighter bats on the other hand are better for players who like to time their shots and take a swing. Medium bats offer a balance of both power and swing.

3. Willow: It’s important to know the willow of your bat as it determines its grain and weight. There are two major types of willow – English Willow and Kashmir Willow. English Willow are usually considered better as they have more power and stroke but they are also expensive while Kashmir Willow is cheaper and lighter making them better for beginners.

4. Grains: These are the lines on the face of the bat and indicate the age of the willow. More grained bats are better but don’t last as much as bats with fewer grains. The grains determine the grade of a bat where 10+ is grade A+ while 6+ is good though anything less should be avoided.

5. Brand: There are several bat manufacturers, so ensure that you choose a trusted company like Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, GM, Puma etc. This will help you ensure that the willow quality and grain size is ideal to better your game.

While you do get cricket bats online, the best way is to try a bat and see how comfortable you are with it. Once you’ve finalized on the brand that you prefer, then buy it from a cricket store on order it online.

Author Bio:

Aaron Jones is an all-rounder athlete in training, who takes part in different types of sports to stay fit. He also likes to blog about his different interests during his spare time. He has considerable information about the cricket equipment, especially the cricket bats. Through his work, he has provided five easy steps that will help you choose your ideal bat from the cricket bats online or a cricket shop.

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