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By: AndyErnestpnp
Whatever be the medication you are receiving for your asthma, the main way to avoid asthma attack is by avoiding the triggers. You can reduce the irritation on your breathing path if you work and live in a clean environment. Whatever you do, try to avoid those things that trigger your asthma. These include things like dust, pollens, pungent smells etc.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder caused by the inflammation of the respiratory tract. Asthma causes respiratory difficulties through the blockage of the tract by thick mucus layers. If something isn't done about asthma, it can lead to the death of a victim. That's why as soon as you discover you have asthma, you should see your doctor immediately.

Although natural ways of curing asthma is receiving attention, it is advised that you engage in any form of natural asthma cure with care. Before starting any form of natural treatment it is advisable to see your doctor and let him/her take a look at and monitor the whole treatment process.

While using a natural home remedy to treat asthma it is advisable to still continue the prescribed medication by your doctor. As a matter of fact, it is advisable that no natural type of treatment should be embarked upon without the knowledge of your doctor. Let your doctor know how you react to all the types of medication you take; be it natural or not.

Corticosteroids are examples of agents for long term treatments of asthma. Flovent and Pulmicort are examples of corticosteroids. They are available as inhalers or can be delivered to the body system through other means like injection or tablets.

Since the effect of a particular type of food is unique to a particular person and the person's situation, knowing which food aggravates your asthma requires the use of some techniques. A technique you can use is keeping a diary of the food you eat and a diary of your asthma attacks. Comparing these will show you how you react to the different kind of food you eat. Show this to your doctor and he/she will be in a better position to advice you.

Asafetida (Ferula foetida) is a tree that the gum can be used to treat asthma attack. This gum can be mixed with honey and taken twice daily. This gum honey mixture is also effective in the treatment of whooping cough and bronchitis.

To avoid asthma attack triggers, it is advisable to always take a walk around the home after eating. This will help aid the meal's digestion, for there is a noticed difference in the digestion rate of asthmatic people. In other words, help yourself to help yourself.

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