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By: Pankaj Singhal
Botox treatment functions by stopping the receptors (acetylcholine) in the muscles of your face neck or wherever the injections are given. The acetylcholine is introduced into your tissues, when the nerve sends alerts for the muscles to shift or contract. This generally happens in cases where muscle mass has no clue if it’s really supposed to go, thus becoming paralysed. The sensation of numbness remains only for a short period of time.

The blockade made by acetylcholine is permanent and begins inside 2 days. The medical outcomes from the injection come to be apparent within 5 to 8 days. After 3 to 6 months, the muscle starts developing new receptors and might contract all over again.

If the body part where the injections are supposed to be given is not big, then it becomes important to send out electric impulses to make sure that the right muscles are acquiring the injection. The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai uses an incredibly small needle to perform Botox treatment. Some people may feel slight or short-term pain in the course of the Botox treatment even when it is being performed by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. Once the Botox treatment is completed, the injected drug will not trigger any form of irritation.

The main work of Botulinum toxin is to smooth the wrinkles and fine lines that may appear due to various types of aging factors. With age, skin loses its elasticity and permanent lines appear in areas like eyes, forehead, mouth, and chin, in most cases all over the face and neck. When a person smiles these fine lines and wrinkles become more visible. Botox treatment softens these lines though it may not quite be successful in eliminating these lines permanently.

Botox treatment is a lot more than beauty therapy and is beneficial in the treatment of many other health issues like eye squints, chronic headaches and too much sweating. You will also find other ailments that botulinum toxin can proficiently deal with such as migraines, incontinence, severe neck and shoulder muscle spasms.

Before injecting in a patient’s body, the botulinum toxin is diluted in sodium chloride. The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will then inject this combination directly into neuromuscular tissue of the patient. The result will take 1 to 3 three days to fully appear on a person’s face, neck or the area where Botox treatment has been performed. People can easily tolerate the injections and side-effects are negligible. However, it is strongly recommended that you should only visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to achieve desired results, but also to minimise side-effects.

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