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By: Hoops Lessons
Basketball is the most favorite game that is played in this state. The state is renowned for producing some of the basketball greats of all time. This has been made possible by the fact that the boys and girls of the state are provided basketball training from a very early age. During the summer months, when the schools and colleges are closed, the clubs hold camps to train young boys and girls the rudimentary skills for playing the game. The fame of these Houston basketball camps has spread throughout the country and every year the camps are filled to the bursting point with students.

Learning the game

The summer training camps provide the best training to the students who join the Houston basketball camps. There are separate camps for boys and girls aged from four to seven and those who are older. The small boys are taught the basic rules and regulations of the game with the help of classes that last for short durations. The older boys and girls start with the game straight away as they already know the rules. Professional players and famous coaches provide the basic training of the game at these camps. They are able to improve their game and can represent their respective institutions in inter-school and inter-college championships after the camps.

Turning into professionals

Many of the students who attend the Houston basketball camps turn into professional players after finishing college. They become very good at playing the game by representing their schools and colleges in various championships. Others use their basketball playing skills to get admitted to various universities for higher studies.

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