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Author: Pankaj Singhal
Talk to any guy what he feels about developing breasts and you will see him running away quickly. However, coping with male breasts or Moobs (slang word for male breasts) everyday is quite common for many people, especially fat men. There’s simply no doubt that male breasts or Moobs affect a man not only physically, but emotionally also. Scientific words for Moobs is ‘Gynaecomastia’, you can opt for gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai to get rid of your Moobs.

What’s the exact reason that develops breast tissue in males and what can a person suffering from this type of condition can do? Here’s a small guide that will help you to understand Moobs better, so you don’t have to wonder that why did you got Moobs.Gynaecomastia has an effect on almost 50% to 60% males all over the world so it’s no surprise gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai become so popular in 2015. But have you ever wondered that what triggers the Moobs problem?

Gynaecomastia occurs generally due to health-related condition or a hormone imbalance.When you are afflicted by this problem, your body will have higher oestrogen and lower testosterone concentrations than normal, which will results in the development of fatty tissue to develop. These fatty tissues start looking like breasts.You could possibly notice that a specific lifestyle, coupled with a significant consumption of high calorie food items will result in development of breasts in men.

Many people have simply zero knowledge about the reasons of Moobs. Did you know that alcohol consumption is one of the major reasons behind the occurrence of Gynaecomastia? This happens because consumption of alcohol results in generation of higher levels of oestrogen in your body than usual.

What You Can Do To Remove Moobs (Gynaecomastia)?

There are various alternatives available to assist you to decrease the size of your male breasts regardless of whether you choose a change in your lifestyle change or surgical gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai. The decision is solely yours.

If you think the your male breasts have occurred due to you bad eating habits (food items will high level of fat and cholesterol) then you need to plan your diet and do some effective exercises every day. Proper diet and physical training should help to improve the balance of testosterone and oestrogen. As the starts to decrease, your male breasts size will also go down significantly. Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprout are known for cutting down oestrogen levels.

However, the best way to get rid of Moobs is surgical gynecomastia treatment in Mumbai in which the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will remove the excess fat and skin from your body through surgery. The surgery is safe and has no side effects on your body.

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