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By: Ernest Haycox
Textured ceilings are repaired by popcorn ceiling removal companies. Yet, some people are finding a new found appreciation for this texture style. Some experts point to the potential damage of a ceiling as a reason for removal; when the fibers are damaged and asbestos is present, the ceiling can emit dangerous fumes into the home. Some people advise homeowners to seek out removal only if damage is present. If style preferences coincide with the ceilings, an argument can be made for keeping these fixtures in the home.

So, why would anyone choose to keep an outdated style in the home? Some people would take issue with the term "outdated" in reference to this style, claiming that textured ceilings are no worse just because they became more popular in earlier eras.

Realtor Steve Crossland of Crossland Real Estate, like many realtors, has likely had run- ins with clients who prefer the texture-less look. Crossland takes issue with this preference on the blog of his company's website. He points to a benefit that may prevent homeowners from beginning popcorn ceiling removal.

This benefit is sound reduction. Crossland acknowledges that during highly noisy construction periods in his own home remodeling, popcorn ceilings can be a comfort. "The popcorn ceilings will drastically reduce the echo noise produced by hard surface flooring." With comments like these, Crossland reinforces the idea that one of the main motivators for the installation of the popcorn, "acoustic" ceiling, still rings true today. He also refers to everyday household concerns, like TV noise and conversation noise which projects from room to room.

While some may wonder if a reduced ability to sell homes with these ceilings in place is Crossland's main motivation, his comments still do appear sincere and still do suggest alternatives in thinking.

To those who feel obligated to begin popcorn ceiling removal yet do not have the funds for it, his comments may be encouraging. And for those who would prefer to keep the style in place for acoustic benefits, Crossland's words could prove influential as well.

The main concern for any group may be an unaddressed question: whether even undamaged popc

orn ceiling that does actually contain harmful chemicals should be risked in the home in the first place.

Crossland concedes that the appearance of the ceilings can become damaged with common concerns like water leaks and the need for paint. When compared to texture-less ceilings, the alternative can seem like an outdated choice. But, for some people, this may not be the case. If popcorn ceiling removal, or acoustic ceiling removal, is not needed for health concerns alone, the choice of whether or not to keep it may be purely in the hands of a homeowner's personal preference.

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