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By: Ryon Watson
Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day; it acts like a fuel for the body and helps you remain energetic throughout the day.

A continental breakfast is a light, satisfying and delicious meal which helps you to start your day with a new kind of joy. Because of its growing demand, hotels and particularly cafes around the world have included this in their menu. Today, most of the coffee shops in Delhi and Gurgaon offer continental breakfast to their customers. Many hotels also offer this breakfast as a complimentary item to their regular clients as a part of good gesture or incentive. The idea of continental breakfast traces its origin from France, where it started in the 12th century with a name “petit dejeuner” which actually means “to eat small meal in the morning”. From there on, because of its superb taste and varieties it became popular all over the world.

What it actually consists of

1) Baked products: A Continental breakfast consists of different types of bakery products which include varieties of breads. Now, when we talk about bread, it may include simple toast, bagels, or a roll developed with butter, cream, cheese and even jam. In some hotels, muffins and doughnuts are also served. These baked goods are generally served at the room temperature in a basket or a large serving plate.

2) Fresh fruits: After baked products, it’s the fruits which are usually served in the continental breakfast. These fruits generally consist of tropical as well as some conventional ones like, strawberries, melon, grapefruit, banana, orange etc. One may also find cheese platter accompanying these fruits.

3) Beverages: In cafes and restaurants, the served Beverages mainly consist of, fruit juice, coffee, tea, and sometimes even hot chocolate for the kids.

4) Cereals and dairy: Several dairy products like yogurt, milk and cereals, such as oatmeal and porridge are the essential part of this breakfast.

Apart from these, because of customers ever increasing demand, some non-veg products like egg, cooked meat or chicken salad, fried shredded potatoes; bacon and even sausage may also be included in this kind of breakfast.

One of the main ingredients of continental breakfast is coffee which provides long term health benefits. Intake of coffee reduces the risk of many chronic illnesses like stroke. It has become popular because it often requires very little time for preparation and most of its items are rich in vitamins and minerals.
So, try your favorite continental breakfast and make your day a cheerful one.

Ryon writes about Perfect Meal to Start with Continental Breakfast. For more details about coffee shops in Delhi and Gurgaon log on

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