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By: Nathan Knightley
In the early 90s when the first satellite TV system equipment appeared on the market, only people with good financial means could afford buying them. Home dishes were often labeled as an expensive luxury that took a lot of yard or roof space and didn't work that great either. Very much the opposite of cable TV, satellite broadcasting remained out of reach for a long time. Presently, the small dishes perched on top of so many houses houses speak of an era when the satellite TV system is available even in the most distant corners of the country. Movies, sporting events and news from around the world lure the user to install a satellite TV system for the entire family.

There are however cases when the house specificity prevents the installation of a satellite TV system. Thus, houses without a view of the southern sky have little or no signal reception at all, and home owners have to be content with a cable service instead of a satellite TV system. If the dish cannot be mounted on the roof, the installation in the backyard could be a solution. It is wise to test the home for satellite TV system compatibility before subscribing to provider, the company's employees will most often help you with the checking process.

Then, the mounting area for the satellite TV system has to meet some conditions. Though, you get a signal with a dish installed indoors, mount the antenna somewhere on the balcony, chimney or roof instead. The mounting area doesn't have to be too large, since modern antennas are only twenty inches wide. Renters could face restrictions for the mounting surface of the dish, as they can rely on the house areas that they pay for and no common spaces like the roof deck will do for the matter.

Wiring makes another issue often overlooked in the installation of a satellite TV system. Coaxial cable outlets are required in the TV area, and here a good word of advice says that you can use either the house coaxial system or the wiring of former cable television. If your situation corresponds to these two cases, then you may be spared the trouble of specific wiring for the satellite TV system. In case you do not meet this requirement, it is good to know that the wiring falls into your responsibility as the service provider mentions it as a must-have.

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