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By: yachtexplorer
If you’re tired of the same vacation to a beach or mountains, consider going to a place less traveled. Alaska yacht charters offer the perfect getaway from the stress of everyday life. These charters give you the chance to see wildlife that you may have only seen in magazines or your local nature channel. From whales to bears, moose and all kinds of birds of prey, the Alaskan country is a thriving ecosystem that’s full of wonder and amazement. Not only do you get to experience this for yourself, but the accommodations and food also enhance your entire experience. You won’t have to worry about a thing outside of showing up to delight in the fresh cooked catch of the day. This luxurious yacht transports you through the long stretch between Juneau and Sitka. No matter what route you decide to take, you’re sure to find exactly what you came to see. Finding the right chartered cruise in Alaska can help you scratch off an item on your bucket list or simply be a wondrous adventure to share with friends and family.

The Food

There’s nothing quite like having meals prepared for you each day of your cruise. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is freshly prepped and cooked by a quality chef, providing you with delicacies and nutrients that will keep you energized and humbled. Your tastes, preferences and needs are combined with the rest of the guests in order to create the perfect balance for everyone. Rest assured that the fresh catch of the day is sure to delight you and keep you coming back for more. From shrimp to pork tenderloin and bread pudding, the appetizers, entrees and desserts will fill you up and have you relaxed. Alaskan Song offers this complete dining experience on their Alaska yacht charters. See their website for more information on the menu and entire cruise experience.

The Yacht

The word yacht is synonymous with elegance. When you pick the right chartered cruise, you get a 96-feet yacht that’s well equipped to handle passengers who expect luxurious accommodations. The dining area is laid out perfectly to suit your eating needs, the aft lounge is peaceful and welcoming and the galley and main salon are equipped to handle the cooking and relaxing requirements. Each stateroom is spacious, comfortable and shower ready. As far as the exterior, the foredeck is perfect for relaxed viewing and taking in the fresh Alaskan air. Take as many pictures and videos as you want, spot humpback whales diving and see an American bald eagle swoop down and catch its prey. This yacht is build for an intimate, luxurious time for you and your loved ones. Choosing this adventure will create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

The Sound of Nature

Alaska is the largest state landmass in America, but it’s often neglected as a vacation destination because society finds warm places more attractive. When you don’t want to follow the crowd, Alaska yacht charters is the perfect way to experience something different, unique and memorable. The sights and sounds you will encounter will truly be special. Be the envy of everyone by experiencing this one of a kind adventure.

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