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By: Mehreen Alina
Are you are looking to reduce health care costs and worker’s compensation for your company. If improving productivity is one of the primary objectives of your company for this year. Establishing and improving a great workplace ergonomics process is necessary for the growth and development of the company.

All big multinational companies apply office ergonomic training and office ergonomic assessment to understand the current workplace situation of their company. According to the results of these tests, they make changes that increase the comfort level at work and in return, the productivity of each employee. Here are five proven benefits of workplace ergonomics.

•Reduces Costs- By reducing the ergonomic risk factors systematically, any office can stop costs attributed to MSDs. Usually an approximate $1 can be saved from $3 compensation given to workers, which is quite an amount of savings when calculated together. Moreover, the indirect costs can be twenty times more than the direct cost of any injury.

•Improves Productivity- The best ergonomic solutions guarantee an improvement in the productivity and quality of work. A job designed to allow less exertion, good posture, fewer motions and better capability to reach heights makes the workstation become more efficient.

•Improvement of Quality- Poor ergonomics leads to fatigued workers that do not do their best work. If the job is too physically taxing, they may not perform their job as they are supposed to. For example, a job where an employee has to fasten a screw tight enough cannot complete the task due to high force requirement, which could create a product quality issue.

•Improves Employee Engagement- It is a proven fact that the employees notice any best efforts that the company puts forth to ensure their health and safety. If an employee does not experience discomfort or fatigue during his workday, this can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.

•Creates a Safe Work Culture- Ergonomics show your company’s commitment to your health and its need to maintain a safe work culture. The cumulative effect of all the above-mentioned benefits brings a wonderful work environment, makes employee feel they are valuable asset and leads to better performance in the organization.

So, Is Ergonomics Worth The Cost?

Many companies perform office ergonomic training and office ergonomic assessment to foster a well-cultured, productive work environment. For others who are still skeptical, ergonomics is definitely worth its cost. Not only is it good for the business but is also a great step towards employee development. Think rationally and ponder on points like, will this increase your revenue? Will it decrease your revenue? Is this the right step to take for company’s development? When the answers to all the questions are yes, then ergonomics is for you.

As a company, you should definitely think about the well-being of a company. A company without strong employees and work culture cannot stand against the test of time. Implement some initial measures to view the practical results of the benefits.

Mehreen Alina is an ergonomist by profession office ergonomic training and office ergonomic assessment a blogger by choice. He enjoys educating and motivating individuals and companies on creating a better health each day. For more information please visit

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