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By: Hamza Asif
Which is the most frequently used area of your house? It is certainly your living room where you spend most of your time with your family, close friends and sometimes with guests too. Here you enjoy parties, chit-chats and get-togethers.

Therefore, being an important area of your house, it should be designed, furnished and decorated accordingly so that it could cast a good image of your interior designing esthetics. What comes first while you are decorating a particular area of your house? Paint is the primary step one takes while decorating an area. You need to choose a specific paint type out of many options and color selection is also a trickier task. Moreover, the way it is painted also plays a significant role in creating a specific ambience inside an area.

Here are few smart living room painting ideas which can help you transform the area’s appeal from ordinary to special.

Creating an Accent Wall

Are you excited to decorate your living room in a different way? You might be interested in applying bold color to walls but using it all around the living room might be weird; therefore, just paint one wall and make it stand out from the rest.

The better option is to paint the main wall where highlighting the architectural features of the area, is the primary focus. The wall serves to be the focal point of the living area, where you can hang artwork. This is not compulsory to use a single paint color on accent wall rather you can use more than three colors simultaneously.

Highlight the Ceiling

This is not a rule of thumb to always use walls to discover a focal point; ceiling could also serve the same purpose if made prominent with different effects and colors. To highlight it, you can paint it with a color different than the walls. Although, in experts’ views ceiling should be painted with a color lighter than the walls but thinking out of the box you can paint it with a bit darker shade, but only when your living room is bigger enough.

Adding Texture to a Wall

Again this is not going to be all around the four walls, you have to pick one wall and paint in different painting styles such as sponge painting, stencil painting, rag rolling, stippling and marbling. There are hundreds of wall painting ways which can create an amazing effect on one wall to make it prominent. If you are using stencil painting then it is all up to your personal choice, which kinds of patterns you want to create on a wall. Choose the one that complies with the overall theme or ambience of the area. Your interior designer in Pakistan can give you better advice in this regard.

Add Murals

There is no hard and fast rule of creating murals on a wall. This type of wall painting gives you a freedom to paint wall with one or more than one colors of your choice. It is all up to you whether you want to create random patterns throughout the wall or on its one side or in the middle. You can either use a monochromatic color scheme or a rainbow theme, to make one wall the focal point of the living area.

This is how different paint techniques help you decorating your living room in your own way. For more designs, please visit

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