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By: Ryon Watson
A continental breakfast is a not so heavy morning meal that is provided in a lot many restaurants, particularly cafes. It usually consists of bread products, fruit juice as well as hot drinks. It also includes other sorts of food, for example cereal, fruit, meat and eggs.

How did the Term begin?

The term refers to the continent of Europe and differentiates this simple breakfast from an English breakfast, which usually comprises added food and often consists of meats, cereals, fruits and even vegetables along with bread products, juice and hot beverages. Light breakfasts like those often relished by people in Europe, particularly France, are thought-out to be easier, inexpensive and faster for restaurants to offer to their guests. It moreover is appropriate for travelers who might not have time to sit for a meal in the morning before carrying on with their journey.


The products that are included in this might consist of toast, pastries as well as rolls.


Juices as well as hot drinks are more or less always included. Orange juice, apple juice as well as grapefruit juice is common. Many sorts of coffee and tea usually are offered. Hot chocolate might be offered for kids or for people who do not drink coffee or tea.

This sort of breakfast is meant to be fast as well as light, not a complete meal that will satisfy a person's hunger for many hours.

There are many cafes that provide continental breakfast to their customers. These establishments have a very diverse menu to select from.  Whether you would like to have any meal of the day, or just one of their excellent desserts, it's up to you. 

All through the year as well as during holidays, they add special items to their menu. You can select from their large range of signature sandwiches, fresh-made salads including chicken salad and a lot more.

Their dessert selection offers diners a selection of cakes as well as pastries.

So, now when you are looking for some light breakfast with a hot cup of coffee, just visit your nearest café and order a continental breakfast food. It has options for all, be it for a kid, for a youngster or a grown-up adult. Nowadays, you can come across various coffee shops in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc. which offer you the best you can get in a continental breakfast and much much more.

Ryon writes about continental breakfast food, chicken salad and Coffee Shop. For more details about continental breakfast, cafes log on

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