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By: Ryon Watson
Visiting a coffee restaurant can be a nail-biting experience. With a coffee shop menu overflowing with difficult names and new coffee drinks, it can be difficult to select what you want to order.

On the positive side of that, there are several great coffee varieties and you’ll hardly be dissatisfied with any. On the negative side, though, part of the reality of being human is that we can turn out to be “paralyzed” at times with several choices – particularly when standing in line with other coffee drinkers behind you.

Don’t be nervous; just keep reading for a description list of a few of the most famous coffee drinks offered at most classy coffee bars as well as coffee shops.


Although the term “Espresso” can also indicate the roasting technique, an espresso is actually an extremely concentrated shot of dark, rich, black coffee. It’s mostly made in an espresso machine and is extracted by shooting boiling water through a densely condensed scoop of extremely fine coffee grinds.


It is prepared by pouring 1 to 2 shots of espresso into a cup full of steamed milk. Usually, the drink is topped with frothed milk, however this isn’t a necessity.

Caffe Americano

A caffe Americano is a shot or two of espresso in a mug filled with boiling water. At the same time as diluted and not as strong as a straight espresso, it still won’t taste like a usual American coffee.


It is similar to a latte, however with a smaller amount of milk as well as added foam. It’s a lot smaller and usually served in a 5-6 ounce porcelain cup, as well.

Cafe Mocha

It is prepared from one shot of espresso, five to eight ounces of steamed milk as well as chocolate syrup. It’s often topped with beaten cream and chocolate flakes. Basically, it is like a latte, however with a splash of chocolate added.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of diverse coffee variants; however the above mentioned are the ones you’re almost certainly going to get, if you run into your local café.

With all the coffee varieties, you can also get a good variety of teas, lemonades, smoothies as well as eatables including sandwiches, pastries, muffins and a lot more.

So, now when you are in the lookout of a peaceful place to sit in the company of friends and a hot cup of coffee , then rush to your nearest cafe, today!!!

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